Sunday, January 8, 2017

Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4

It's a cold, cold world out there but someone has to keep posting nonsense on blogger.....

I don't know guys. I'm in a feverishly cold, wind swept town somewhere on the American plains. People are huddled in their homes rubbing up against each other to try and stay warm and with the home of feeling something again. I can see them in their homes shuttling back and forth from room to room - like a silent movie or dance. It's dark but the night sky is clear and I can see my breath in the winter air. 

It's going to be OK. Really. We can handle this. Seriously. It's just four short years. Our kids will never even know this ever happened. It will be like that time you got really drunk in college and went home with that person only to wake up in the morning and vow to never speak or think of that event ever again. It will be exactly like that. Our little secret. 

In other news: This is 52 minutes of Manuel Gottsching getting down in the early 80's. It builds. It builds. And builds some more until it basically becomes a reason for him to break out his guitar and melt your face for a 30-minute long guitar part over some of the iciest electronic you'll hear this winter. 

Manuel Gottsching once went home with a lady and sat in the dark with her for an entire evening without saying a word or touching her. The next day, said lady, sold everything she owned and moved into a nunnery. The Lord works in mysterious ways.