Sunday, January 8, 2017

Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4

It's a cold, cold world out there but someone has to keep posting nonsense on blogger.....

I don't know guys. I'm in a feverishly cold, wind swept town somewhere on the American plains. People are huddled in their homes rubbing up against each other to try and stay warm and with the home of feeling something again. I can see them in their homes shuttling back and forth from room to room - like a silent movie or dance. It's dark but the night sky is clear and I can see my breath in the winter air. 

It's going to be OK. Really. We can handle this. Seriously. It's just four short years. Our kids will never even know this ever happened. It will be like that time you got really drunk in college and went home with that person only to wake up in the morning and vow to never speak or think of that event ever again. It will be exactly like that. Our little secret. 

In other news: This is 52 minutes of Manuel Gottsching getting down in the early 80's. It builds. It builds. And builds some more until it basically becomes a reason for him to break out his guitar and melt your face for a 30-minute long guitar part over some of the iciest electronic you'll hear this winter. 

Manuel Gottsching once went home with a lady and sat in the dark with her for an entire evening without saying a word or touching her. The next day, said lady, sold everything she owned and moved into a nunnery. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dam-Funk - 17 Days

I've got a lot of questions about the above photo, but I'm infatuated by it.  My favorite part is that Jen is completely disturbed by it.

Now I bring your attention to Dam-Funk, and my association, Prince.  I distinctly remember growing up in the 1990s and thinking Prince was a joke.  The symbol seemed more vain than eccentric, his dress and demeanor were a general turnoff to a rap-obsessed Catholic school kid.  How fucking wrong I was.      I now recognize that the dude was packing serious heat.  The only thing I resent is how tightly he controls his music.  It is next to impossible to find so much as a youtube clip of his music, which makes trying to find the deep cuts a major challenge.  You're rich as shit, Prince, let people hear your gospel.

Now, back to Dam-Funk.  I first heard 17 Days on a Dam-Funk Prince mix released sometime last year (that was almost immediately pulled off soundcloud because, you know, Prince is a dick).  17 Days was the leadoff track and it rocked my shit.  It's the B side of When Doves Cry which was put me on a mad hunt through the record stores of Columbus to find it.  My man Dam-Funk did the right thing and did a cover of it that sounds almost exactly like the original.  Thanks Dam-Funk

Thursday, April 4, 2013

DJ Sprinkles - Grand Central, Pt. I

Man, what I wouldn't do to have a pet owl. I'd pay damn good money for a pet owl. Someday.

Just trying to get back into the groove. It's been a minute.

DJ Sprinkles. I really enjoy her stuff. I was reading an interview with her today and I learned a couple of things. One, he doesn't subscribe to either gender but we are going to use the feminine here to avoid confusion. Second, he rarely does any mixing when he plays live, which I appreciate.

I re-listened to his album Midtown 120 Blues several times today and I was struck by how amazing the last third of the album is. I always really enjoyed the album but today I found myself being most interested in the last 4-5 tracks.

There is this amazing feeling of space in that part of the album. Thin snare pops and deep bass rumbles create these sound textures that open and close as if you leave one room and enter into another all within one track. Streams grow and grow and then collapse in on themselves but in a beautiful way that is just pleasing to the ears.

There is nothing rushed or forced about these tracks which makes them so enjoyable.

I'm not going to pretend to know what sort of comment this album or track is making about House music or Deep House but I know what I like.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Willie Burns - Windows Down

I don't know why this didn't catch on.

Willie Burns. What a great name. Not enough guys named Willie anymore. And this track? Man, its pretty wild. It teases at first with this really minimal set up with these fluttering beeps but about 60 seconds in the piece just grows into something entirely different. Laid back and subtle throughout but these drums kick in at different intervals that are going double time and they really help to liven up the track and give it this feeling of occupying two places at once. Basically, its from the future so check it out and let it blow your mind.

Friday, March 15, 2013

R.I.P. Mudd Up


One of my favorite music programs went off the air. In fact, it happened a couple of weeks ago but I just figured it out this week. Mudd Up was an endless supply of interesting music from all over the world. It was my home for finding new and exciting experimental, ambient, drone, hip-hop, anything that sounded cool. Everything was played on the show and it was amazing.

So, in classic Mudd Up fashion we got a little bit of everything for you today and all things I caught from DJ Rupture the charm of a human that ran Mudd Up.....

Start off with some of the finest in float.

Follow it up with that Moroccan sound. This one is all about that bass bumbling in the background.

Top it off with some of the gnarliest cold, hard beats.

Gonna miss it.