Friday, January 18, 2013

Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

Got a bad case of that Gangnam style. Got it bad.

Second Andy Stott post in a fortnight. What has gotten into me, I tell ya. I know I said something about how the other one was really dark and heart-of-darkness sounding but, seriously, this one makes the other one sound like the soundtrack to a world full of rainbows and unicorns.

Do yourself a favor. Whatever speakers you are listening to this track through go put your ears right up next to it. You gotta get real close like. Don't be shy - just put your ears right on the speaker. That sound you hear on the low end. That's the sound of man who is firmly in possession of his skills. It's the sound of man who measures twice and cuts once. Its he sound of a man who knows a good place to drink in every town and hamlet in Europe. It's the sound of man who loves his job.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oliver S. - Doin' Ya Thang

Two categories around here: We have that good shit and that other shit.

How do I get to this party? Could someone please get me directions to this party I need to be there now. I'm writing this post in advance so whenever this gets posted I assume it will be another exhilarating day on this mortal coil so I will most likely need a stiff drink while at this party.

In an unrelated notice, here is a sampling of some of the better names from the 1899 Cleveland Baseball Spiders who went 20-134 that year:

Crazy Schimdt
Highball Wilson
Chief Sockalexis
Harry Colliflower
Ossee Schrecongost
Harry Lockhead

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moodymann - Why Do U Feel

I don't have a pithy comment for this photo.

Not nearly enough Moodymann on this here plot of land I've cultivated on the outskirts of the inter-webs. Cut A from Moodymann's release last year and I love it. Soulful, jazzy, but at the same time totally modern because it sounds like it could fall apart at any point, broken, but somehow still groove oriented.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Really? It's only Tuesday? What the F? This can't be right. There must be something broken with this thing. Shit. Just, smack it on its side and see if that doesn't fix it.

Did it work?

F. It's still Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Andy Stott - Sleepless

That's Bruno on the left, Dumptruck next to him, Jimmy Sandwich behind him, and Hotdog to the right.

I've been listening to the new Andy Stott album with alarming frequency lately. At least once a day. It's just hypnotic and for the life of me I can't remember any of the tracks except for this one. People seem to really like the first track, Numb, which I agree is excellent but this is the true bell of the ball.

When the federal government fails to lift the debt ceiling and the world economy collapses and we resort back to an agricultural society this is will be the number one jam. It's like a techno death rattle. Those drums, oh those drums - sounds like a million machines of war burning across the country side to take on some unseen force. Dark and dystopian will probably be used a lot to describe this song. I think that is selling it short. Is it dark? Oh my, yes. But it's dark in the way the night sky has a million different shades of black when their isn't a star in the sky. Also, it's January in central Ohio, so what else do you expect me to be listening to right now.

Finally - the Andy Stott album wins best cover art in 2012 in my book. I want that picture blown up and framed on my wall.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hot Chip - How Do You Do (Todd Terje remix)

My wife's future wedding dress.

Sunday night!!!! Wooooohooooo boy! Is it possible for things to get more exciting than cold Sunday nights in January? Probably not. I mean, I ate a bunch of stew and I see a lot of lounging around in my immediate future. Damn, I hate Sunday nights.

Nine minutes of Hot Chip remixed by crazy-eyed Todd Terje. Crazy as a fox. A little house-y with a little bit of a techno-y kick that sort of hits late but if you focus you can sort of feel it on the back of you tongue around the eight minute mark.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jessie Ware - 110%

Space Cat and the Kittens? Space Cat and the Kittens.

Don't event try it. It's too late. I already bought the URL for because it is my new all girl pop/punk I'm gonna start.

Anyways, lets focus on the issue at hand - why isn't this song on repeat here in America? Why do I have to sit through thousands of plays of Miley Cyrus or Gangnam Style or Taylor Swift and this isn't at the very least getting a couple of spins. I mean, Jesus, how many times can we listen to Nicki Minaj pretend to be an artist.

Listen, its been 2013 for several days now and I haven't had an old man rant yet so I was due.

Also, Julio Bashmore produced this. Well done sir, well done.

2013 - the year of Denim on Denim. I can feel it. Pick things coming for sure. Stay tuned.