Thursday, June 30, 2011

Endless Summer Vol. 3

It's July 4th weekend and because I love America soooooo much, I thought we would do another in our series of Endless Summer mix tapes. These are for you to enjoy while your standing in front of a grill or while you are blowing up shit with fireworks.....also this is for our boy Joel who is reading this in a google reader right now.

Before we get to it thought let's get our oblique strategy of the day. I just recently learned about oblique strategies but it was created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975 and it as originally a set of 100 cards and on each card was a different comment and you were suppose to take a card and contemplate what the comment meant to you at that moment. To put it another way, Eno recorded the entire Another Green World album by using these cards. He showed up at the studio for a month without any music and simply used these cards to guide him in trying different things.  So here is today's random oblique strategy.

Just Carry On
Got it.

Yes, I know this is another Clams Casino beat but it really is the shit so don't complain. This is the version with Lil' B on it and you know what, I don't hate him on it. This guy has been blowing up on the interwebs all year and I just don't know, I just can't get into it. He has some tracks that are totally bitching but like he says he has something like 900 tracks, everyone can't be a gem. Things I do like about him: his irrational sense of confidence. I like that, I like rooting for the underdog and this guy has nothing but confidence, but it isn't angry confidence. It's just more like, 'Give me the ball coach. I got this' kind of confidence.

Ossie Set The Tone ( Hyperdub 2011) from Hyperdub on Vimeo.

I've never been to England, let alone during the summer but it seems like they know what they are doing when it comes to dance-able summer tracks. A super upbeat backbone that just sort of gets your toes tapping, children's voices thrown in their for good measure, it keeps building with some slinky key work, some super auto-tuned nonsense. It's all great. And then the video is pretty much just dudes going around town demanding people dance with them. Fuck yea.

Nothing says 4th of July like some of the most bitching German Deep House music! Am I right? There is a clear tipping point when it comes to most minimal house, if the term is taken too literally you end up with what feels like just an empty song that has no emotion in it. I imagine it it can also be comparable to great food; if the chef is going for a minimal feeling but there is literally not enough ingredients involved you run into a problem. This song hits a perfect equalibrium - it's got a groove, it's got some sweet vocals, and it has some soul. Not. To. Bad.

Just a bunch of rappers hanging out in what seems to be an abandoned back yard smoking blunts. My how the times have changed, 15 years ago you don't make this music video without sitting on a boat with some champaign and some mostly naked woman. Now, you grab probably a Nikon or Cannon digital camera that takes video and you go find a place where you can smoke weed without getting caught and you film it there.

I almost got through that entire paragraph without mentioning that the beat is Clams Casino beat. Last time today. I promise.

Fucking brutal song.  So, so, so pretty. For whatever reason this is a summer song for me. I think it is because of the video. Speaking of, a couple points here; A) My girlfriend will not buy a jean jacket for me that on the back is spray painted a scorpion and the words Lion Killer. For this I will never forgive her. B)Yes the first three minuets are kind of boring, but what a pay-off at the end of it though, right? It's just two people dancing in a room that is totally awesome. It's amazing.

One of the comments on the You Tube page is that someone said they would like to listen to M83 while paragliding.  I think that is a great one of thinking about this one.

'Cause he is the Pied Pipper of R'n'B, that's why.

I'm unclear why exactly Little Richard is asking the sun to hurry down in this one, but this song really is the bee's knees.

My favorite song in the last 12 months? It is at least in the top ten. It's been hanging around since I first it. The original of this song is nothing to sneeze at but then in Billy Preston's hands' he just blow this ship out of the world.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The one where I wish I had a margarita

Besides poor food and bar service in this town, Columbus is the home of internet going in and out. It's a plaque that has descended upon the city a good month ago and it is spreading rapidly. It's fucking awful. My apartment has caught it, work has caught it, the coffee shop has caught it. It is totally bogus

This song has been getting a lot spins lately.  I would tell you want mix/podcast I had heard this on but they are making it impossible to find the link to the page so I'm not doing it. It really is their own fault. Also, I could only find a live version of this song, which is fine I guess because it seems to be exactly like the album version.

I just spent a 1,045 words writing about veto stuff over here, so I'm running out of words. I don't know, I kind of want a margarita and a piece of fish. What? What do you want from me?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I don't think it has rained for almost 36 hours now. I'm starting to worry. I mean I built this ark and I'm going to be pissed if I don't get to use it.

This is a country song or an alt-country song or just a bad-ass song that you should like because it is a good fucking song.

Don't be that dude who is like 'I don't like country music but I like Johnny Cash'. Just don't be that person. You sound foolish when you say that.

Listen, I'm not saying you have to run out and buy a ton of country albums or defend what is sadly called country music these days. That doesn't count. Imagine if someone time traveled from 1979 and walked into your living room when you just happened to have the radio on whatever top 40 radio station. And this person from the past was really into rock and roll and the first song he hears is some crazy MGMT song. He will most likely ask you what the hell you are listening to and if you respond, 'well this is what rock and roll is now in 2011' I suspect he might demand to be taken back into time. That is what country music today is to country music back in the day. They are two totally different things that just happen to share the same name.

This is what I've learned: all country songs are either about love found, mostly about love lost, drinking, feeling sorry for yourself who, sometimes drugs, more feeling bad, and/or longing to have that love back. Which, historically have been ripe material for some awesome songs. This song is no different instead it is just catchy as all hell. (A - can we just agree that either these guys ripped off The Replacements of The Replacements Ripped off this guys with that opening guitar part and B- don't tell anyone this, but these guys are Canadian. I know, country music from Canada, I'm really asking a lot from you today.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

I had my own ComFest this weekend and all my favorite bands played it.

It's Monday. We have another week ahead of us and I know it's going to be tough but we are going to make to the weekend. I just have a feeling. And then......THREE DAY WEEKEND! Wamp Wamp!

Ok, I thought this was a pretty great way to make you forget all of the average to crappy bands you forced yourself to sit through this weekend at ComFest. (Full Disclosure: I was at ComFest for about 30 minuets on Saturday and that was it. So, there might have been some amazing shows but I didn't see them.(Also, I know people hate hearing about it because we talk about it every year but how can you have a festival the has four stages, goes for three days, and have so many bands I have NEVER heard of? This isn't a huge town, you have to be really looking high and low to find some of these bands. WTF?))

Light Asylum: A Certain Person

I'm going to make the really way to easy comparison and say something about how this chick is doing a fantastic 2011 version of Grace Jones. I feel bad even making that comparison. I feel like it's sort of lazy and somewhat racist. Look at this black woman singing to on top of some programmed beats and her strong, clear voice - you know who she sounds like? Grace Jones. I'm not the only one doing this I'm sure. Go read something about this band and I guarantee you at least 75% of the articles about them will have this reference. Why is that? Because writing about music is the laziest thing you can do that's why. Music critics/writers as a whole normally don't like to try very hard so why hurt yourself trying to think of another comparison when the (easy) work has already been done for you. I'm really digging it.

Also, what about all these sick ass drum beats. What!? They are totally sweet. And then in the last third of the song shit starts to get real. The effects applied to her voice become more and more apparent and she sounds likes she becomes some sort of Grace Jones robot/ghost. Well done.

Friday, June 24, 2011

5 jams for the weekend

It's ComFest weekend here in Columbus which means it is time for all you fucking hippies to come out and hang out in the park, cut me in the beer line, and then stand around listening to some not so great music. It's going to be CRAZYYZYZYZ!

 Every year we have the same debate: on Saturday or Friday night why oh why isn't there at least one tent playing electronic/dance music? How fucking awesome would that be? Everyone is pretty drunk, you are outside, you hear some bumping jams and it is going to be blast. No way that can not fail. Except in the eyes of the hippies that run that damn thing. I don't think they would be down with that.

Without further ado....

I'm surprised I have gone this long without posting something by The Weeknd. I feel like the hype train has already come and gone on these guys so I didn't want to bring the party down but for the last couple of months I have been totally obsessed with this album. I don't really feel like going into where this stuff came from but I wanted t to talk about the video specifically. First I read this was the official video and then I read that it wasn't but I don't really care, it is the video that needed to be made for this song. Hot woman laying around a hotel room after a long night or partying in varying degrees of nakedness, over dramatic acting, girls kissing, perfect. In reality this could be the video to any song of this album but I just found this so I'm digging it.

This is going to be sweet, his album comes out in a couple of weeks and if this track is anything like what else is on it I can't wait. Sorry about it being a clean version but I got tired of looking for one that wasn't. Either way you still get the point, dude likes smoking weed and he has a fuck friend but things then get weird. I'm really digging the beats though, very wavy and spaced-out. Nice. Which made me think about this....

Currency with Lil' Wayne pre-face tattoos circa 2006.

Don't be surprised if she asks 'where the cash at'

Which then made me think of this...

There is not a better Lil' Wayne track than this one. First, this beat is so hard I think if you gave me like five mins I could jump on this track and blow it up too, but then again I think Wayne does pretty alright on this.  "Kidnap a nigga/ make him feel like a kid again". Wow, this has really turned into a walk down memory lane. I guess lets keep this going.

We were grilling over the weekend and someone put this on the stereo and it was the shit. I'm sure every girl I know has at least one story exactly like this. I think we probably need to have post just for Erykah Badu sometime next week. I'm going to have to work on that.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Music to listen to while driving in the rain

I spent the entire day in the car. It fucking sucked. I got back home around 5 and I'm still tired from sitting in that god damn car all day. And guess what, it rained about 75% of the time. You know what though, it was cool because I had this to break the boredom. And I think I listened to it 100 times.

Hell. Yea. Pretty great song to be bumping going 70 down the highway in the rain. This one has my seal of approval. Some snares, some wobbly electronic sounds, some nice bass riffs, and a weird organ just sort of grinds away in the background the entire time. Pretty pretty pretty awesome.

Detroit techno. I've been told this is one of the highlights from that era, I wouldn't know because I don't know Detroit techno at all but this is giving me a damn good reason to find out more about it. To be honest, I just don't know where to start. I'm sure it is all on you-tube but I'm too lazy to dig through thousands of eight minute videos to figure out what is good and what is not.

It has always sort of fascinated me that Detroit is the home to a music that seems to be loved all over the world but not so much here in the States. They were really good at making cars and bitching techno tracks in Detroit, it seems, two completely different exports. One made a lot of people rich while the other was ridiculed here and banished to dark dank clubs and illegal parties. One of them didn't require a tax-payer bailout though so I think we all need to cut techno a break and let it back in from the wilderness. I demand some sort of electronic museum in Detroit that every night has a totally sweet party. I will put five dollars toward making that happen. As long as I can hear this song every time I'm there.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The earth I walk upon sees me and quakes

In the last 5 mins:
I had a cat fall asleep on me. Said cat then bite my arm. Saw the sky go from sunny to dark because, of course, it's going to rain. And just saw a dude, about 21, walking down the street trying to light a black and mild. And now my eyes itch because I'm allergic to cats.

And now there are these fucking bros on the porch next to me that have no problem 1) being load and obnoxious 2) using the word "faggot" or "homo" freely to describe someone they don't like 3) and are now recounting their epic drinking achievements. Way to go boys.

Last Clams Casino post for a while. I promise. Just really wanted to throw this one up because this video really is beautiful and the song is pretty tight as well. A music video of nothing by nature shots of Herzog's Aguirre, the Wrath of God? Fantastic idea. Number 1 idea, really.

That movie is about a ghostly river and a haunted man while this song seems to just float around like a ghost anyways. Perfect. And yea, fucking monkeys.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apparently it's Clams Casino week here at Denim/On/Denim

I woke up this morning and it was sunny out, by the time I got in the shower it was pouring down rain, when I started shaving the electricity went out because of the storm, 15 mins later when I left it was sunny and hot out. It was gross sticky hot all day and now, guess what, it's fucking storming again.

Rainforest EP by clammyclams

This is Clams Casinos new EP "Rainforest" which is the shit. This dude is on entirely different level really. After the free instrumental mix-taped we post yesterday (I can't explain how bad you need to pick that up) and now this EP that officially comes out in a week but you can stream it now.  This guy gets another round of gold stars. Just because I can.

I don't really see how this album is not an instrumental album and the other one is really. This one still have the soaked up vocals that get stretched to all sorts of different levels were, by the time he is finished with him, they really aren't vocal tracks anymore and just another ghostly layer to enjoy. It's kind of haunted, scary music that creates a world all to its self. I'm especially impressed with tracks 1, 3, and 5. God damn this is good. You know what this is? This is what James Blake could have been if he hadn't decided he wanted to be Bon Iver. I guess Clams Casino wins?

If I knew what I was doing I would try to give you more information about this dude, but I'm not because to be honest I don't think that is my job. Just Google the dude, but fair warning you are going to end up getting a lot of web pages about clams casino the seafood dish.  Good luck!

Monday, June 20, 2011


If I could give Clam Casino a gold star I would. Several gold stars in fact. I think he has earned them.

Cold. Hard. Beats for an ugly day. It's god damn raining again for no good reason. The internet is fucking up, gotta take my car in. Kind of a stupid day.

But finding this stuff makes it somewhat better. Don't know a whole lot about this guy, he put out a free instrumental mix tape which is pretty sick and has done beats for Lil'B and Soulja Boy. Get on the hype train before it is too late. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It was hot, then it got humid, then I saw a dude walking a dog, but, seriously, it could rain at any moment.

In high school I played for four years on the golf team. I was not all that great, scratch player at best. I was really into it for a long time. For several years golf just pretty much consumed every summer of mine. Between playing rounds for the team and for my own fun I was probably playing around 100 times a year. I was comfortable with the fact that I was never going to be all that great but then it happened. Just one day, out of no where I couldn't hit the ball straight. You hear people complain about how they always slice the ball right and they would just be a better player if they could get that under control. Mine was nothing like that. It was like a slice on steroids. I would swing and the ball would just go dead right. I have made the ball go so far right that I swear it almost goes behind me. I'm a danger to any person or object standing to the right of me when I swing.

The only reason I bring this up is because I have been watching the US Open. I don't know how this happened. It was really hot on Thursday and I had to be home during the day and there was nothing else on so I put it on. And then I watched it Friday, and then I watched it Saturday, and then I listened to a pod-cast about how to bet on golf, which is for degenerates only, let me tell you. I can't really say I'm even enjoying it all that much really. The person currently in the lead is up by 10 strokes. He is just running laps around these dudes.

Also, golfers as a whole have to look like the biggest group of idiots. If aliens crash landed at the US Open right now they would assume that humans are not worth saving because why would you willingly decide to wear something like this?

That is really just the worst, I mean what the hell are we going for here. Camo? Really? Anyways, the deeper problem is that I find myself sort of caring about golf because there are zero other sporting events to care about right. There is baseball but it is June which means we still have another 1,000 games left in the year. The NBA just ended, but on a side note, I've decided I'm going as Dirk for Halloween and I need someone to come with me as Deshawn Stevenson and you will have to have a fake or real neck tattoo of Abraham Lincoln on your Adam's apple. 

I'm not really certain where I'm going with this. I think I'm trying to say that I'm kind of really looking forward to Wimbledon. I like any sporting event that makes me feel like I should be drinking a Pimm's cup while watching it. 

Also, I'm kind of hungover which is A) why this is just a rambling stream on consciousnesses thing and (B) why I've been digging this all day.

Free Jazz Harp! Bammmmm! Alice Coltrane is a crazy person and makes Lady Gaga's music sound pedestrian. This is some wild shit here. Harp, bass, some drums, a sitar, sax. (Apparently it is not a sitar but a tambura, who the hell knows what that is?) It's like the late 60's just rolled into one bitching jazz album.

 I swear to god, writing about jazz is like trying to describe a color. "You know, it's kind of like brown....ish" 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Jams Vol. 2

It was cool when I work up, it got pretty warm by noon, it fucking poured from around 3-4:30 and now it is sunny again and blisteringly hot. Tonight it is going to be cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

How about we try some of these hits on for size? What do you say?

Wu Lyf for life

Straight from their description on the you-tube page:

the lucifer youth foundation don't mean shit, our papers aint legit. this the baby boys playing like men. were a mother fucking boy band, a brother loving girl band. funny/ not funny? touch me i'm sick
cut by oli sparki/ directed by no one
Yea, I don't think I could have put it any better.

I'm kind of dating myself here but when The Rapture released their first album I was totally obsessed with it.  They were right on the incoming wave of nu-disco-ish bands and I totally fell for it. And that album still totally kicks ass but before I heard this tune the other day I probably had not thought about The Rapture in a good five years.

Two things that I remember about The Rapture; awesome vocals and awesome percussion. Those things were always really good and this song seems to pick up right where those left off. Well done. Just pick up at 3:20 and you will get a nice touch of both........and then there is a fucking sax part! Fuck yea! I can't stress this enough, not enough brass parts in dance songs. Really gotta fix that.

Now, I really truly believe that this is a good song. It has some awesome beats, the vocals are totally bitching and there are some nice changes in the song. Meaning, I'm not including this video in some ironic way to be like "lets watch this funny video from the 80's and laugh at them. Boy were things wacky then."

With that said below is live blog of this video

00:05 - Off to a great start, a very large black man wearing a bright green sequin shirt pointing at a sign that reads "Danger Deep Water No Swimming" I'm expecting this to mean something.
00:20 - Alright, his face was on the sign and now we are in some sort of abandoned alley with a lot of smoke. Lots of weird dancing and I believe he just waved to someone off camera.
00:50 - Ok, it looks like we are on a dock or something. Lots of spinning around with some smoke. Also, I believe he is sporting a mullet. I can't be certain but I think he is.
1:10 - Oh my god he is, wait, he isn't. He's dancing.
1:40 - Is it wrong that I think this song was really about a sandwich?
2:00 - Ok, I'm starting to think something is wrong because he is seizuring again and now hollering at the top of his lungs? He maybe a man possessed.
2:15 - He is waving to people off camera again.
2:20 - WTF is going on here? Why did we leave the dock? And why did he change outfits into a black sequin shirt?
3:12 - This video has just turned into some weird video of a large black man with a mullet spinning around and mouthing made up lyrics that we can't hear to the song.

Holy shit is this song good. When those drums in bass kick in that's the kind of stuff that makes me want to run through a brick wall.

Also, I want to hang out with Grinderman for a weekend. Like it doesn't have to be on tour or anything I just want to go out a couple nights and see what it's like. Because based on this album and the last one it would be some sort of alcohol infused weekend of chasing woman and convincing them to fall in love with you but then either A.) Breaking their hearts and being forced to leave or B) Breaking the law and having to leave them because you are on the run from the law. Either option is fine with me.

"Cause that music doesn't have a groove/Doesn't have any balls"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

David Lynch Mix-tape?

It's sunny out now. It was raining cats and dogs earlier but it looks like we've bounced back. But because this is Ohio, it could very easily be snowing in the next 12 hours. I'll keep you posted.

The way this started was that yesterday I read on interwebs that David Lynch is opening Club Silencio in Paris, France. Yes, the same club in Mulholland Drive. Now, I for one, totally want to go to this. And why not, David Lynch is a crazy fucking dude. I mean you could say "I was at Club Silencio last night, David Lynch's new night club, and ____________. It was nuts." You could put almost anything in that blank and I would probably believe you.

Either way this got me thinking about the scene in Mulholland Drive where the two main female characters go and watch this single woman sing Roy Orbison's "Crying" in Spanish at Club Silencio. Well anyway here it is.

I feel like describing this as haunting doesn't do it justice. This makes all those dudes trying to make creepy beats in their bedrooms on their computers look like hacks. More emotion and feeling is forced out in this song than anything those people are going to make with a machine. That's a problem right? Anyways, here is the original.

Because I like nothing other than wasting time on the internet this got me looking up other music performed in other David Lynch movies. Seeing how David Lynch is a total crazy person this made for some interesting watching. First up, more Roy Orbision this time from Blue Velvet.

So, so creepy. You candy colored clown you. My favorite part is the guy dancing on the couch in the background.

In dreams I walk with you/In dreams I talk to you/In dreams you are mine all of the time

Alright, lets hit the fucking road!

Some pretty great guitar work and backing vocals on this. I like how this movie was suppose to be based in the late 80's and they are playing a song that still sounds like Roy Orbison. And then James gets to kiss Dana so take note kids, write more love songs and sing them to women if you want to kiss them.

Awesome song. Awesome dance. I heart you forever Audrey Horne.

Crazy fucking Leland Palmer. I could have just done an entire post on music from Twin Peaks. The soundtracks don't really do it justice because so much of the music was done in scene and were not really completed songs but so many of them were awesome.

And then there is the Girl in the Radiator song from Eraserhead....of course. Just skip to the 2:30 mark.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Endless Summer Vol. 2

It's June 15 and I'm sitting here in a coffee shop with a sweater on. WTF world! It was unbearably hot last week and now I can't leave the house without wondering whether I need to take a coat. Really, make up your mind all ready.

I don't know if it is because it is 60 degrees outside and it is gray that is making me put together these songs but this mix is not nearly has sunny has the first Endless Summer mix-tape. Lets just call this the B side maybe?

Three 6 Mafia has always really fascinated me. I don't know what it was but I felt like they were the scariest fucking rappers I had ever heard in high school and I was intimidated by them. Fast forward about six years after they win an Oscar and I just come to realize that they are just permanently stoned and only focus on continuing to be stoned. It must be an exhausting experience.

So I guess it is only right that someone took Bin Laden and slowed the shit down to a crawl. Now the songs sounds like what I assume the song sounds like to the members of Three 6, oozy, stoned, and about to fall over.

Ummm, what a brilliant idea. Let's take Bruce Springsteen, strip his song all the way down, keep his vocals and his acoustic guitar, and just build the tension. Just take that tension and push it up a level every couple of bars. If Springsteen went into a studio tomorrow with Trentemoller I would immediately start to care about him again.

I don't really know what to say about this one except, god damn, were have you been my entire life. What a absurd song, I mean this was the 80's and shit was crazy and this had to be more crazy than 95% of the stuff out there then.

Ok, this one is by far my favorite of the bunch. I have no idea at all what is going on here, it's just some dudes with some dreads shaking that shit around in slow-mo with no shirts on in a front of a wooden fence while being lit by probably just a motion light on a building. Just an all-around horrible premise for a music video but this thing is hypnotizing. Sometimes the video is played backwards, sometimes it is sped up, sometimes it goes split screen and we see both of them from two different angles, and they are all edited into each other and it is amazing. In the top 5 best videos of the year.

And then there is the song its self. I would love this song without the video even. I have no idea who Stalker is I don't even know if this was actually done by them but this jam is the shit. Just like the Three 6 song this thing is slowed down to a strenuously slow rate that makes it feel like the song is just going to disintegrate at any given moment. And the hook is just amazing. Every time I listen to this song the hook stays in my head for a good hour afterwards.

Let's end on a little bit of a brighter note. Some awesome house-y/stuff/thing. I don't know what to call this. It's just sweet.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Greeting from Lakeside, Ohio Pt. 2

I'm sunburned. Some how I'm only sunburned on one half of my face. I look like a crazy person. Too much tennis and shuffleboard. Also, I think I probably swallowed about a pound of bugs yesterday. This place is overrun with these things called Canadian Soldiers. Which, is kind of a shot at Canadian Soldiers because these bugs are annoying, stupid, and fucking everywhere.

I haven't been sleeping at all so this is what you get for it. A couple of hazy, drony, shimmering like tunes today.

I don't know what is more sleep inducing this tune or this video. I think it is my constant low level of ADD but this kind of music is perfect for more. It's more passive than anything and when I haven't really slept in days this seems to work out great.

Also, here is an entire mix-tape he did for the awesome mix-tape site Pontone. Let's say you are a little hungover or just plain tired and you are sitting at your desk trying not to hate the world, may I suggest the above link.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Greetings from Lakeside, Ohio

You know what they have at Lakeside, shuffleboard! Greatest outdoor game ever? I think it's at least in the top five. One downside, this place is a dry town so it can only get better when I can do this and have a drink at the same time. Why can I not go to a bar and play this game? We, as a society, are totally dropping the ball on this.

Sadly, they are not bumping this Kyla remix here in Lakeside, Ohio. Don't know why, because they really should be. Also, there are a million remixes of this song out there and I've decided you can't really F this song up. I mean the vocals are just so amazing that you can really do anything you want to this song and it is still going to be awesome.

Some times there are just songs that you know you could jump on and it still wouldn't suck.


Also, another totally bitching Eddie C track, "We need we"

I want this guy to just soundtrack my life.


Lastly, I have a question. Is Dirk now America's favorite German of 2011 or all time?

Friday, June 10, 2011

5 jams for your weekend

Gawd damn its hot out there. And muggy too. But it's Friday, it's summer, so let's get you all some jams for the weekend.

Kind of an oldie but still a goodie.

Ummm just found this one this morning and this shit is the shit. Jamie XX has really been on fire as of late. Not only with the remix album he did with Gil-Scott Heron but he is just releasing a ton of awesome remixes and jams. The guy might want to slow down, he is going to burn out. I remember when Lil' Wayne released like 600 songs over the course of one year. You just start to dilute the quality of the product after awhile. We are not in Lil' Wayne territory with Jamie XX yet though and he is just hitting the ball like crazy. I like.

Holy shit this is awesome. I mean this is some mean ass disco here. Yes, in fact, I do want the real thing, thank you very much. And it's 12 mins long, I feel like I could listen to this song all day.

There is a flute part, there is a chimes party, there are dramatic strings, and some breathy singing. Fantastic.

I feel like this might be the summer of disco. I don't know, I don't want to call it yet.

Oh man, can't get enough of this track. I swear the beats in space podcast has changed my life. It is absurd how much great music one gets from that single podcast, I highly recommend it. Eddie C was on two weeks and played several of his own tracks and this one was the best. So fucking smooth and chill. Has the right about of build up in various parts, but it's just a great all around song.

Listen, the 80's were a wild time. It was socially acceptable to wear a red cod-piece. At least I hope so because this isn't the only Cameo video were the lead singer is rocking a giant red cod-piece.

Also LeVare Burton plays the funk police in the video. That alone makes it an instant classic.

Alright, now go out and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who is DJ Permanent Press?

Some artists want to be DJs because they want to be the center of attention. They want millions of people to know their names and what they look like. They want to be able to show up at any club or any party and take the DJ booth and do whatever they want for as long as they want. They want the perks that come along with the fame of everyone knowing your name - the drugs, the cash, the girls.

And then, every once in a blue moon, their are artists like DJ Permanent Press who do everything they can to avoid the lime light. Of course this game of guess who only works for so long. Eventually your fans demand to know who you are, they can't continue to live in a world with out having a name put with a face. And that is how this story is different. DJ Permanent Press has somehow become one of the biggest name in electronic music that no one has heard of.

If you have not been going to the most secretive of secretive shows in Sao Paulo, Berlin, or Tokyo you probably have missed him. Getting accurate information about him, his travels, his life style are notoriously tricky to come upon and even harder to verify. I was able to get a couple minuets with the elusive artist this weekend and learned about his fascinating life story.

DJ Permanent Press, who will not divulge his real name, was born to a family of gypsies in western Europe. The exact location is hard to pin down the DJ says because there is no record in any hospital of his birth let alone who his mother or father was. His childhood was spent being shuttled between one gypsy commune to another through out western and central Europe. He did divulge that he spent some time living on a house boat on the Seine River in Paris for several years were his caretakers who two midgets that only had two working eyes between them. He said he learned his appreciation for electronic music from these caretakers. They opened his young ears to early electronic music and their was no going back. To gain access to the early records that he wanted to hear he would routinely create elaborate hoaxes with these two-semi blind caretakers at record stores throughout Paris where he would steal albums from the stores and listen to them later on their houseboat.
DJ Permanent Press was unable to stay long in Paris though, by the age of 12 he had already broken the hearts of multiple uber-rich heiresses around Paris and stolen significant amounts of money from them. On the run from these families, and the law, DJ Permanent Press relocated to a secluded castle in southern Germany that was owned by a family friend. For the next four years he would slave away at his music and his craft in this castle until at the age of 16 he had put the finishing touches on his first album. "My Body Needs To Talk To You". Sadly, DJ Permanent Press only produced 10 copies of the album due to the fact that he had carved each one into hot wax. Only 4 known copies exist and they are estimated to be worth millions.

From the success of just that one album DJ Permanent Press has been touring the world over DJing the most secretive parties. Rumor has it he was asked to DJ Will and Kate's royal wedding after party in a abandoned catacomb under the streets of London but turned it down due to fear of being seen by too many people. He is routinely be spotted in the most exotic spots around the world with the most exotic and beautiful woman. His home base seems to be in Berlin, although he wouldn't verify that fact, but sources say he has hand build a state of the art studio out of a solid granite block in a undisclosed location in the suburbs of Berlin.

We are proud to present a special one-time mix my DJ Permanent Press here on Denim/On/Denim. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

See this person on this record cover? That is exactly what this song sounds like. I couldn't have picked a better fucking photo.

I know nothing about The Project Club who did the original, Lovefingers who did the remix, or Raymond Richards who plays pedal steel on the remix, but, god damn, they are on to something.

The first four minutes of this album is spacey xylophone just playing the same few cords, with some random bongos and tom drums thrown in for good measure. The whole time their is a single guitar picking away at a breezy, summery line that just seems to float there.

But then around minute four shit gets serious. The guitar line just disappears and is replaced by some amazing ghostly like pedal steel guitar that just floats and quakes above the drums. It is some beautiful stuff that alone would make any song fantastic but when paired with the fabulous production of this song it really works amazingly well.

The whole thing is like sitting on a beach watching a sunset. God damn, I need a drink.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Endless Summer Vol. 1

I'm sitting out on my porch right now watching nothing really. Just staring. Thinking about how this town is some sort of combination of gray, brown, wet, and windy for what seems like eight months out of the year. And then I think about the four months were Green becomes an option in the town's color pallet.

I promised summer jams yesterday. If I'm anything I'm a man of my word.

First, what are we looking for in a summer jam. I feel like it can be broken up into a couple of distinct categories. First you have the blistering anthem sing-along song that gets dropped sometime between May and late August, see: "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo. Next you have, my favorite songs, the onces that just sound like summer. The ones that you want to roll around in your car and watch people go by. For me, its either sitting on a porch with a beer or thinking that this song would totally be bitching in a club in Europe at three in the morning. (Which is odd because the latter of those two ideas is a made up idea because I have never been in a club in Europe let alone at three in the morning. I just have an idea of what that would sound like.)

Ok, enough already. Here is the first a string of posts that will run the length of the summer of summer jams. Give me some suggestions in the comments on what I should add.

Another group in the never ending stream of groups coming out on DFA that you will most likely never hear from again. It's amazing. These groups just swoop in from no were, blow your mind and then just disappear into the night never to be heard from again. As for this one, "Since We Last Met" is so minimal, there are so little amount of things going on that it feels like at any point in time it could simply just float away. I swear, if those drums didn't come in around the third minute this thing would simple just dissolve into a mess of bubbles and blow away in the mind.

Oh my god, I just wanna go out and burn some shit, get drunk, and then go kiss some girls. In that order.

I like to think that DJ Kaos is still living in 1980 in some Italian city where the party just has not ended. Also, easily one of the top five sexiest songs ever. If my feelings toward Scarlett Johanson were a dance song it would be this song. And a little creepy, but like a fun creepy.

Little known fact, this song was made with real sunbeams. Honestly.

In my mind you can't have a summer jam list without one song from Juan Maclean. Jesus. Amazingly bright house beat laying the foundation for a vocal track that totally nails it. Well done.

Vocals that just repeat "Sort of like a dream? No, better." Check.
Windmills. Check.
Distorted strings and a mean ass beat. Check.

The name of this song is fucking "Beach Party". What else do you need?

R Kelly doesn't understand why dudes bring their girls to the club, because when they go to the bathroom he is totally gonna flirt. Real talk.

1980's Italian Disco via 2007 Baltimore, Maryland.

I could do this all day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Dub (Winter Electronic Mix)

It's summer here in central Ohio. We went straight from cold, rainy season into hot humid sticky season. Just blew right through spring, say for a couple nice days, and here we are, in summer.

Seeing how it is summer normally this would call for some super happy fun time summer jams, and don't worry we are going to get to those but first we are going to soak in some deep dark electronic music. This shit is the shit. Maybe this is what space sounds like. Wait for the vocals to drop for the first time in second minute and you will know what I'm talking about.

I had never heard of Andy Stott prior to this EP but it is stunning. Super dark and textured spacey jams that just spread out in every different direction. I want to do nothing more than be in a dark ass club at 3:30 in the morning listening to this at a deafening level.

Here is another one of his tunes from an album that he released last year. Hot shit too. Tomorrow, summer jams. I promise.