Monday, June 27, 2011

I had my own ComFest this weekend and all my favorite bands played it.

It's Monday. We have another week ahead of us and I know it's going to be tough but we are going to make to the weekend. I just have a feeling. And then......THREE DAY WEEKEND! Wamp Wamp!

Ok, I thought this was a pretty great way to make you forget all of the average to crappy bands you forced yourself to sit through this weekend at ComFest. (Full Disclosure: I was at ComFest for about 30 minuets on Saturday and that was it. So, there might have been some amazing shows but I didn't see them.(Also, I know people hate hearing about it because we talk about it every year but how can you have a festival the has four stages, goes for three days, and have so many bands I have NEVER heard of? This isn't a huge town, you have to be really looking high and low to find some of these bands. WTF?))

Light Asylum: A Certain Person

I'm going to make the really way to easy comparison and say something about how this chick is doing a fantastic 2011 version of Grace Jones. I feel bad even making that comparison. I feel like it's sort of lazy and somewhat racist. Look at this black woman singing to on top of some programmed beats and her strong, clear voice - you know who she sounds like? Grace Jones. I'm not the only one doing this I'm sure. Go read something about this band and I guarantee you at least 75% of the articles about them will have this reference. Why is that? Because writing about music is the laziest thing you can do that's why. Music critics/writers as a whole normally don't like to try very hard so why hurt yourself trying to think of another comparison when the (easy) work has already been done for you. I'm really digging it.

Also, what about all these sick ass drum beats. What!? They are totally sweet. And then in the last third of the song shit starts to get real. The effects applied to her voice become more and more apparent and she sounds likes she becomes some sort of Grace Jones robot/ghost. Well done.

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