Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The earth I walk upon sees me and quakes

In the last 5 mins:
I had a cat fall asleep on me. Said cat then bite my arm. Saw the sky go from sunny to dark because, of course, it's going to rain. And just saw a dude, about 21, walking down the street trying to light a black and mild. And now my eyes itch because I'm allergic to cats.

And now there are these fucking bros on the porch next to me that have no problem 1) being load and obnoxious 2) using the word "faggot" or "homo" freely to describe someone they don't like 3) and are now recounting their epic drinking achievements. Way to go boys.

Last Clams Casino post for a while. I promise. Just really wanted to throw this one up because this video really is beautiful and the song is pretty tight as well. A music video of nothing by nature shots of Herzog's Aguirre, the Wrath of God? Fantastic idea. Number 1 idea, really.

That movie is about a ghostly river and a haunted man while this song seems to just float around like a ghost anyways. Perfect. And yea, fucking monkeys.

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