Tuesday, July 31, 2012

808 State - Pacific state

Prompt: Michael Phelps is America's laziest Olympian in 2012? Ever?

Speaking of being lazy, I didn't have time to track down a tune for this post. So I farmed it out to Nick. So blame him.

It's been brought to my attention that Nick feels very strongly about the Grand Theft Auto radio station that he first heard this track on. Nick mentioned that somehow through the alcohol induced haze that was college he remembers hearing this track and, "feeling like there were angles in his heart."

I don't know what that is all about.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dam-Funk - Happy

Diabolical Angel. That's the best metal band name ever, right?

New Dam-Funk. Sounds a lot like the old Dam-Funk. But as Karl Marx once said, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. True story.

Dam-Funk has a way of making every song sound like early 1980's. Huge hair, big Cosby sweaters, and no air conditioning ever. Just hot sweat rolling down the back of your neck causing your shirt to stick to you in uncomfortable ways. All the time. Before we invented A/C in 1999 the population of Florida was half of what it is now. The only thing in Florida were old people and crocodiles.

Yea, all that nostalgia for the 1980's, they don't ever tell you about all the sweat, do they?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bob - Otto (Edu K remix ft. Bebel Gilberto)

This sounds like the colors in this picture.

Yea, it is late. For sure. I'm sitting here watching Senna, half paying attention and then this brilliant track came rocketing into my life from no where. It's perfect Sunday summer music. I believe this is what Brazil sounds like. If Brazil sounds like anything it looks like than it sounds like this. God damn.

Also, no idea what the name of this song is or who authored it. After a series or quick Google searches I am very confused what versions are original and what versions are remixes.

I am a 100% certain that this is awesome though.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Frank Booker - Boss

Disco sleaze.

Countless other things that I should really be doing right now. It's just not going to happen though.
How about this little guy though? Huh? Totally awesome. A little baleric, disco track for your Saturday afternoon pleasure. (Technically it is just a portion of the track but still, it's a 5 minute 'snip'.) I'm digging it.

It's a tanker of rainbows and disco tunes that has crashed ashore on a unsuspecting community. The local fauna on the beach is covered in disco sleaze and beats. It will take years to clean this mess up. It would be a tragedy if not for all the dancing. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Emilio Santiago - Bananeira

Andy Warhol as Robin. Nico as Bat(wo)man.

Latin funk. Deal with it.

It's drinking time and I don't want to bothered with having to write some cutesy, witty remark for you mouth-breathers. I'm leaving. Make sure you don't touch anything with your grumpy little fingers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moon Boots - Sugar

So, walking a dog in Clintonville in the summer is basically a teenager makeout safari.  All I have to do is take the dog down to Glen Echo or the park at the end of West Weber and it's practically impossible to avoid seeing a couple fifteen year olds smoking weed out of tin foil/making out.

This is also prime time for listening to nasty bass thumping jams.  There's nothing better than bumps and synths blasting out of my open car windows on a blazin' hot day on these mean north campus streets.  So far Moon Boots is 2 for 2 in the category.  I played off my mind for some sexually ambiguous cats in the younger brother Peyton's apartment a couple weeks ago and it tore the house down.  Janet Jackson. Whitney Houston.  I feel like I'm watching the MTV beach house in Malibu.  Oh, and right now it's a free download from French Express soundcloud page.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Recloose- Don't Get Me Wrong

Drinking a beer, listening to this, looking at fashion photos from the 1940s, and watching baseball. Commence the act of jumping to a conclusion.

The reader, and astute listener, may like to also note that this isn't the first Recloose track we have profiled. The sounds of the Detroit-born-but-made-probably-a-great-decision-and-moved-to-New Zealand producer have graced these electronic pages in the not too distance past. If I could only hold on to one of the two tracks we have showcased I would say I enjoy this one just a little bit more. But both are excellent.  Snowflakes, dear reader, like snowflakes. Both alike in the most general of ways but upon deeper, more thorough examination different in the most important of ways.

Lastly, and probably, most importantly - can't stop a woman from shoppin'. Am I right? Am I right?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell - Complete Spiral

It was a wild time and place.

It's a festive time at Chateau Peyton. I'm weighing my options between becoming a long con man or going with the short con. I'ts a tough decision. I'm leaning towards the short con, less of an investment and it speaks to my fear of commitment, but I can be persuaded otherwise.

Let us speak to this DJ Sprinkles and Mark Fell track first. More House-y than Techno-y, but I'm liking that fact. Some deep house bubbling bass and weird percussion accouterments. It's a nice, pleasant, contemplative track. Perfect to meditate on the merits of the short con vs. long con.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jay Dee - Rico Suave Bossa Nova

Women! Am I right?

An oldie from Jay Dilla, credited as Jay Dee on this track. Some Latin flavor for your Saturday afternoon of mindless internet surfing. Go outside and get some sun, my friend.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dez Andres - As We Rock On

A young Mitt Romney.
  Dez Andres was on Beats in Space this week and it was pretty much the shit. As the bespeckled, and generous reader will note we profiled Andres earlier this week. He's hitting over .400 in our book right now.

This diddy is noticeable slower, more laid back than the last affair. Of course, the MJ vocal part can't hurt either. It's a groove setter - something you can set your watch to.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Andrés ‎– New For U

Wow, that's a giant picture. I'm starting to get a little salty re: tweets from artists and labels playing shows in Ibiza and Croatia while I'm stuck here in a goddam midwest sweatbox. I should be hanging out poolside with Spanish speaking models and listening to Psychemagik Fleetwood Mac Dubs. I need to stop. If I keep talking like this I'll turn into some crybaby emo kid like my dog.

So here's something new from Andres, AK DJ Dez, straight out the D. He's probably partying on some beach in Spain right now too.  SOB.

Glass Candy - Warm In The Winter

Don't be so hard on yourself. 

Italians Do It Better announced that they are releasing After Dark II. This marvelous piece of information was by far the highlight of the day. This is the first track of the forthcoming release and it has hit me right in the loins. A whollip right in the gut. Like, right when I'm not looking it hits me right in my kisser. Right in my big fat lips. 

It goes without saying I can't wait. 

This reminds me of another topic we need to address - opening a strip club that offers residences for musicians. The musicians create the music, or select the music, that will be used throughout the shows. Just think about it. Don't say anything yet, just roll it over in your head for a couple days.

Officially, not my worst idea ever. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sir Own - Hooked, Kons Nite Time Remix

I just got finished playing a distance, one on one Apple IIe Oregon Trail battle against my little brother. I'm not sure if he finished, but I felt a little disappointed that I only made it through with one child named REAL SHIT. So I've been pimping this song/video real hard lately. makes me really wish I was alive in the cartoon world of 1976 New York. And was black. And a bear/rabbit driving a Lincoln. Look, it doesn't get much better.

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy - Storms

Superwolf (Matt Sweey & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's troupe) is still awesome and I know this because I spent hours listening to Superwolf today at work. It's aged well. Better than most I would say.

Oh, you don't like Fleetwod Mac and/or Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy? Well, then you are a horrible person and if I had my way you would spend a length spat in the stocks where I would pelt you with rotten tomatoes.

I'm a red blooded American man. I'm just as susceptible to emotional songs as the next red blooded American man. Harmonies, sparse acoustic guitars, what sounds like a slide guitar lingering in the background - this is why the terrorists hate us and why they will never win.

I probably don't have anything to add to the canon of letters spilled about Fleetwood Mac. That seems pretty well covered, but I am interested in learning about why people from my generation like them. I can't say what it is but there is something amazingly 1970s-ish about them that I really enjoy. The drugs, the hair, the outfits. It's all so god damn beautiful.

Also, Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - a blast furnace of soul crushing harmonies.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DJ Sprinkles - Grand Central Pt.1 (MCDE Bassline Dub)

Watching baseball and listening to some deep f'ing house music. Name me a more American activity. You can't because it doesn't exist.

Deep, deep, deep house tune. You've been warned. 

DJ Sprinkles. Far and away the best DJ name. The album that the original version of this track is from is full of house tracks that are chalk full of statements on house music and the politics involved therein. It's an amazing album that I would highly recommend. But, this track is also totally sweet. So, we are going to focus on this for a bit.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shame

Without Wax.

"Like I slipped on a banana peel and feel into that pussy"

Genius. Freddie Gibbs is a true American. As true as the day is long.

God. Damn. This album is going to be amazing. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking

Denim/On/Denim: A name you can trust, at a price you can trust.

To those leaving pita chips in my general area let me share a cautionary tale from the Three 6 Mafia. They once warned fellow men to not (paraphrasing here) leave your drink around me if you don't want it to get drunk up. In addition, don't leave your smoke around me if you don't want to have it smoked up. And, lastly,  don't leave your girl around me if you don't want her to get stuck. I think the same lesson applies to your pita chips if you don't want them getting eaten up by me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Double Spiral Structure - Hosomichi

What a magnificent bastard.

Seriously, master's comprehensive finals can go eat it for all I care. I should be, studying seeing how it starts a whole 10 hours from now, but screw it. You need me, I need you, and its time we got back at it.

Let us return to were we once came with these beautiful beats from the land of Japan. I heard this on the Beats and Space from last week, and I can't stop listening to this track and pretty much the entire first part of the show. Come, let us banquet upon these ambient, balearic beats from a land far east of this horrendous, arid land and rejoice in our reunion.

Lastly, I'm 99% certain that is Chebacca copping a feel in that photo.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Egyptian Lover - The Lover

As I write this my dog Hugo, a 70 lbs pitbull with a death gaze and jaws like a steel trap, is quivering between my legs like a crack addict. He hears thunder and turns into the world's biggest pussy. Man, he can be pathetic sometimes. Anyway, Ben and I tried our hand at an after hours vinyl set at the house while the wife was out of town. Sparely attended, but still a good idea in principle. Stopped by Magnolia Thunderpussy earlier in the day to pick up something fresh. The gem of the trip was a $2 12" single from LA hip hop/dance pioneer Egyptian Lover. First track I'd heard from him but I already want to go back and buy the rest of the singles they had. Kind of has an Afrika Bambaataa/Death Comet Crew sound to it. A google image search makes me really pissed off that I wasn't rolling in this dude's crew in the 80s. Every picture has him leaning against a $100k car in a track suit. Definitely looking forward to picking up some more of his shit.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sugarhill Gang - Hot Hot Summerday (Theo Parrish Re-Edit)

It's a cool 108 degrees.

Sugarhill Gang recommendations for possible activities one could partake in on a hot, HOT, summer day:

Sunning on the beach.
Dancing in the streets.
Ice cream.
Sweet romancing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Theo Parrish - Solitary Flight

All hot and bothered.

By far my favorite Theo Parrish track yet. A little bird told me the sample is from the soundtrack for Bladerunner. Which I think makes perfect sense.

Let us banquet upon this abundance of noises.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Theo Parrish - Love I Lost

Hmmm hmm. Hmmm hmm. Yea. Yea.

Love that heat. But not as much as the dude on roller blades who just went by wearing sweatpants, a hoody, and a jacket over the hoody. He really likes the heat.

Theo Parrish week continues, this time with a dandy of an edit. 10 mins. 10 mins of wonderfulness.

A meadow of goodness, I dare say.