Thursday, July 5, 2012

Egyptian Lover - The Lover

As I write this my dog Hugo, a 70 lbs pitbull with a death gaze and jaws like a steel trap, is quivering between my legs like a crack addict. He hears thunder and turns into the world's biggest pussy. Man, he can be pathetic sometimes. Anyway, Ben and I tried our hand at an after hours vinyl set at the house while the wife was out of town. Sparely attended, but still a good idea in principle. Stopped by Magnolia Thunderpussy earlier in the day to pick up something fresh. The gem of the trip was a $2 12" single from LA hip hop/dance pioneer Egyptian Lover. First track I'd heard from him but I already want to go back and buy the rest of the singles they had. Kind of has an Afrika Bambaataa/Death Comet Crew sound to it. A google image search makes me really pissed off that I wasn't rolling in this dude's crew in the 80s. Every picture has him leaning against a $100k car in a track suit. Definitely looking forward to picking up some more of his shit.

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