Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bob - Otto (Edu K remix ft. Bebel Gilberto)

This sounds like the colors in this picture.

Yea, it is late. For sure. I'm sitting here watching Senna, half paying attention and then this brilliant track came rocketing into my life from no where. It's perfect Sunday summer music. I believe this is what Brazil sounds like. If Brazil sounds like anything it looks like than it sounds like this. God damn.

Also, no idea what the name of this song is or who authored it. After a series or quick Google searches I am very confused what versions are original and what versions are remixes.

I am a 100% certain that this is awesome though.


  1. This song is pure aural ambrosia. I have been enjoying since I first bought that Gilles Peterson compilation back in 2004. I have really tried to find the original...why mess with perfection.

    1. So, is the name of the song Bob or Otto? So many questions!!! Amazing track though. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It's a originally a song by Brazilian musician Otto. The tempo is very different--check it out for kicks:

    The remix is lovely, though : -)

    I think the remix is by Edu K, which is really weird considering the other music he produces.