Monday, July 23, 2012

Recloose- Don't Get Me Wrong

Drinking a beer, listening to this, looking at fashion photos from the 1940s, and watching baseball. Commence the act of jumping to a conclusion.

The reader, and astute listener, may like to also note that this isn't the first Recloose track we have profiled. The sounds of the Detroit-born-but-made-probably-a-great-decision-and-moved-to-New Zealand producer have graced these electronic pages in the not too distance past. If I could only hold on to one of the two tracks we have showcased I would say I enjoy this one just a little bit more. But both are excellent.  Snowflakes, dear reader, like snowflakes. Both alike in the most general of ways but upon deeper, more thorough examination different in the most important of ways.

Lastly, and probably, most importantly - can't stop a woman from shoppin'. Am I right? Am I right?

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