Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moon Boots - Sugar

So, walking a dog in Clintonville in the summer is basically a teenager makeout safari.  All I have to do is take the dog down to Glen Echo or the park at the end of West Weber and it's practically impossible to avoid seeing a couple fifteen year olds smoking weed out of tin foil/making out.

This is also prime time for listening to nasty bass thumping jams.  There's nothing better than bumps and synths blasting out of my open car windows on a blazin' hot day on these mean north campus streets.  So far Moon Boots is 2 for 2 in the category.  I played off my mind for some sexually ambiguous cats in the younger brother Peyton's apartment a couple weeks ago and it tore the house down.  Janet Jackson. Whitney Houston.  I feel like I'm watching the MTV beach house in Malibu.  Oh, and right now it's a free download from French Express soundcloud page.

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