Saturday, March 16, 2013

Willie Burns - Windows Down

I don't know why this didn't catch on.

Willie Burns. What a great name. Not enough guys named Willie anymore. And this track? Man, its pretty wild. It teases at first with this really minimal set up with these fluttering beeps but about 60 seconds in the piece just grows into something entirely different. Laid back and subtle throughout but these drums kick in at different intervals that are going double time and they really help to liven up the track and give it this feeling of occupying two places at once. Basically, its from the future so check it out and let it blow your mind.

Friday, March 15, 2013

R.I.P. Mudd Up


One of my favorite music programs went off the air. In fact, it happened a couple of weeks ago but I just figured it out this week. Mudd Up was an endless supply of interesting music from all over the world. It was my home for finding new and exciting experimental, ambient, drone, hip-hop, anything that sounded cool. Everything was played on the show and it was amazing.

So, in classic Mudd Up fashion we got a little bit of everything for you today and all things I caught from DJ Rupture the charm of a human that ran Mudd Up.....

Start off with some of the finest in float.

Follow it up with that Moroccan sound. This one is all about that bass bumbling in the background.

Top it off with some of the gnarliest cold, hard beats.

Gonna miss it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Edit Service 8 - by It's A Fine Line

Remember guys, a band-saw has no friends. None.

A nice little diddy for a Monday evening. Nothing too offensive, I would say. You want to start the week off on the proper foot or else it just messes everything else up down the line.

I don't know what to say about his one, really. I like it. I especially like how it starts off on a really jaded and contorted fashion but then turns its self around into a very straight forward pop-ish song. It's a great tune and it is still free to download, so, there you go.

I heard there are rumors that baseball is on tonight. It might be the Dominican Republic national team against some other Latin American team and it may also only be broadcast in Spanish. So now you know what yours truly intends on doing with his evening. Watching baseball and listening to some weird music.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Delroy Edwards - Heart and Soul

Punk is dead, kid. Give it up already.

Another gem from L.I.E.S. They are really batting around .400 these days. A lot of you might dislike it but listen to the whole thing. It will stick. I promise.

Delroy Edwards is the quintessential L.I.E.S. artist for me right now. He is a music making man. I predict many a fingernail will tap anxiously while waiting for something to happen in this track. Maybe waiting for that break to, you know, break. I can say with certainty that their hearts and dirty minds will only be disappointed.  Delroy Edwards ain't interested in you your wants from this noise making machine. He's only interested in painting the world full of muted grays and industrial brown sounds that make you want to purge your mind of the memory that a place like Detroit actually exists. He carries a heavy cross.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sound Stream - Julie's Theme

You've broken my will, winter. You win.

It starts off slow but you gotta give it a bit. It's a slow burn. Druggy, disjointed disco loops and synths put on top of a beat that slowly finds its way out of the muck. But then, it turns into something else entirely. The disjointed synths are lost is these waves of sounds as if there is something on the needle. All very interesting and perfect for BULL SHIT TUESDAYS WHEN BLIZZARDS ERUPT OUT OF NO WHERE. What sort of weather hell do we live in?

Fun fact - did you know we still technically are in an ice age? True story. Look it up.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pharoah Sanders - Harvest Time

Purveyors of the finest float.

No disco, no techno, not even any minimal techno. Nope. Not today. Today we bring you a 20 minute long track by Pharoh Sanders from 1977. Free jazz meats float. Wandering, subtle, chords of soft colors and textures for your Monday evening before the next snow storm.

Some clown writing for All Music who hates the weekends, BBQ'ing, and ice cream, panned this track. Said it meandered and didn't go anywhere. You know what I say? He's got blood on his hands. Literal blood on his hands. I hope he's happy.

It pairs nicely with a good beer and day dreaming about spring when you got the windows open and you can smell the night air. Can't. Wait.

Edit: Looks like someone took it down. Here is a YouTube link. Sorry dudes. I guess the same guy who wrote the All Music review must of posted it to Soundcloud. Or, this guy also hates the weekends.