Thursday, March 7, 2013

Delroy Edwards - Heart and Soul

Punk is dead, kid. Give it up already.

Another gem from L.I.E.S. They are really batting around .400 these days. A lot of you might dislike it but listen to the whole thing. It will stick. I promise.

Delroy Edwards is the quintessential L.I.E.S. artist for me right now. He is a music making man. I predict many a fingernail will tap anxiously while waiting for something to happen in this track. Maybe waiting for that break to, you know, break. I can say with certainty that their hearts and dirty minds will only be disappointed.  Delroy Edwards ain't interested in you your wants from this noise making machine. He's only interested in painting the world full of muted grays and industrial brown sounds that make you want to purge your mind of the memory that a place like Detroit actually exists. He carries a heavy cross.

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