Friday, March 15, 2013

R.I.P. Mudd Up


One of my favorite music programs went off the air. In fact, it happened a couple of weeks ago but I just figured it out this week. Mudd Up was an endless supply of interesting music from all over the world. It was my home for finding new and exciting experimental, ambient, drone, hip-hop, anything that sounded cool. Everything was played on the show and it was amazing.

So, in classic Mudd Up fashion we got a little bit of everything for you today and all things I caught from DJ Rupture the charm of a human that ran Mudd Up.....

Start off with some of the finest in float.

Follow it up with that Moroccan sound. This one is all about that bass bumbling in the background.

Top it off with some of the gnarliest cold, hard beats.

Gonna miss it.

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