Monday, March 4, 2013

Pharoah Sanders - Harvest Time

Purveyors of the finest float.

No disco, no techno, not even any minimal techno. Nope. Not today. Today we bring you a 20 minute long track by Pharoh Sanders from 1977. Free jazz meats float. Wandering, subtle, chords of soft colors and textures for your Monday evening before the next snow storm.

Some clown writing for All Music who hates the weekends, BBQ'ing, and ice cream, panned this track. Said it meandered and didn't go anywhere. You know what I say? He's got blood on his hands. Literal blood on his hands. I hope he's happy.

It pairs nicely with a good beer and day dreaming about spring when you got the windows open and you can smell the night air. Can't. Wait.

Edit: Looks like someone took it down. Here is a YouTube link. Sorry dudes. I guess the same guy who wrote the All Music review must of posted it to Soundcloud. Or, this guy also hates the weekends. 

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