Thursday, June 23, 2011

Music to listen to while driving in the rain

I spent the entire day in the car. It fucking sucked. I got back home around 5 and I'm still tired from sitting in that god damn car all day. And guess what, it rained about 75% of the time. You know what though, it was cool because I had this to break the boredom. And I think I listened to it 100 times.

Hell. Yea. Pretty great song to be bumping going 70 down the highway in the rain. This one has my seal of approval. Some snares, some wobbly electronic sounds, some nice bass riffs, and a weird organ just sort of grinds away in the background the entire time. Pretty pretty pretty awesome.

Detroit techno. I've been told this is one of the highlights from that era, I wouldn't know because I don't know Detroit techno at all but this is giving me a damn good reason to find out more about it. To be honest, I just don't know where to start. I'm sure it is all on you-tube but I'm too lazy to dig through thousands of eight minute videos to figure out what is good and what is not.

It has always sort of fascinated me that Detroit is the home to a music that seems to be loved all over the world but not so much here in the States. They were really good at making cars and bitching techno tracks in Detroit, it seems, two completely different exports. One made a lot of people rich while the other was ridiculed here and banished to dark dank clubs and illegal parties. One of them didn't require a tax-payer bailout though so I think we all need to cut techno a break and let it back in from the wilderness. I demand some sort of electronic museum in Detroit that every night has a totally sweet party. I will put five dollars toward making that happen. As long as I can hear this song every time I'm there.

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