Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Endless Summer Vol. 1

I'm sitting out on my porch right now watching nothing really. Just staring. Thinking about how this town is some sort of combination of gray, brown, wet, and windy for what seems like eight months out of the year. And then I think about the four months were Green becomes an option in the town's color pallet.

I promised summer jams yesterday. If I'm anything I'm a man of my word.

First, what are we looking for in a summer jam. I feel like it can be broken up into a couple of distinct categories. First you have the blistering anthem sing-along song that gets dropped sometime between May and late August, see: "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo. Next you have, my favorite songs, the onces that just sound like summer. The ones that you want to roll around in your car and watch people go by. For me, its either sitting on a porch with a beer or thinking that this song would totally be bitching in a club in Europe at three in the morning. (Which is odd because the latter of those two ideas is a made up idea because I have never been in a club in Europe let alone at three in the morning. I just have an idea of what that would sound like.)

Ok, enough already. Here is the first a string of posts that will run the length of the summer of summer jams. Give me some suggestions in the comments on what I should add.

Another group in the never ending stream of groups coming out on DFA that you will most likely never hear from again. It's amazing. These groups just swoop in from no were, blow your mind and then just disappear into the night never to be heard from again. As for this one, "Since We Last Met" is so minimal, there are so little amount of things going on that it feels like at any point in time it could simply just float away. I swear, if those drums didn't come in around the third minute this thing would simple just dissolve into a mess of bubbles and blow away in the mind.

Oh my god, I just wanna go out and burn some shit, get drunk, and then go kiss some girls. In that order.

I like to think that DJ Kaos is still living in 1980 in some Italian city where the party just has not ended. Also, easily one of the top five sexiest songs ever. If my feelings toward Scarlett Johanson were a dance song it would be this song. And a little creepy, but like a fun creepy.

Little known fact, this song was made with real sunbeams. Honestly.

In my mind you can't have a summer jam list without one song from Juan Maclean. Jesus. Amazingly bright house beat laying the foundation for a vocal track that totally nails it. Well done.

Vocals that just repeat "Sort of like a dream? No, better." Check.
Windmills. Check.
Distorted strings and a mean ass beat. Check.

The name of this song is fucking "Beach Party". What else do you need?

R Kelly doesn't understand why dudes bring their girls to the club, because when they go to the bathroom he is totally gonna flirt. Real talk.

1980's Italian Disco via 2007 Baltimore, Maryland.

I could do this all day.

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