Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Greeting from Lakeside, Ohio Pt. 2

I'm sunburned. Some how I'm only sunburned on one half of my face. I look like a crazy person. Too much tennis and shuffleboard. Also, I think I probably swallowed about a pound of bugs yesterday. This place is overrun with these things called Canadian Soldiers. Which, is kind of a shot at Canadian Soldiers because these bugs are annoying, stupid, and fucking everywhere.

I haven't been sleeping at all so this is what you get for it. A couple of hazy, drony, shimmering like tunes today.

I don't know what is more sleep inducing this tune or this video. I think it is my constant low level of ADD but this kind of music is perfect for more. It's more passive than anything and when I haven't really slept in days this seems to work out great.

Also, here is an entire mix-tape he did for the awesome mix-tape site Pontone. Let's say you are a little hungover or just plain tired and you are sitting at your desk trying not to hate the world, may I suggest the above link.

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