Thursday, June 30, 2011

Endless Summer Vol. 3

It's July 4th weekend and because I love America soooooo much, I thought we would do another in our series of Endless Summer mix tapes. These are for you to enjoy while your standing in front of a grill or while you are blowing up shit with fireworks.....also this is for our boy Joel who is reading this in a google reader right now.

Before we get to it thought let's get our oblique strategy of the day. I just recently learned about oblique strategies but it was created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975 and it as originally a set of 100 cards and on each card was a different comment and you were suppose to take a card and contemplate what the comment meant to you at that moment. To put it another way, Eno recorded the entire Another Green World album by using these cards. He showed up at the studio for a month without any music and simply used these cards to guide him in trying different things.  So here is today's random oblique strategy.

Just Carry On
Got it.

Yes, I know this is another Clams Casino beat but it really is the shit so don't complain. This is the version with Lil' B on it and you know what, I don't hate him on it. This guy has been blowing up on the interwebs all year and I just don't know, I just can't get into it. He has some tracks that are totally bitching but like he says he has something like 900 tracks, everyone can't be a gem. Things I do like about him: his irrational sense of confidence. I like that, I like rooting for the underdog and this guy has nothing but confidence, but it isn't angry confidence. It's just more like, 'Give me the ball coach. I got this' kind of confidence.

Ossie Set The Tone ( Hyperdub 2011) from Hyperdub on Vimeo.

I've never been to England, let alone during the summer but it seems like they know what they are doing when it comes to dance-able summer tracks. A super upbeat backbone that just sort of gets your toes tapping, children's voices thrown in their for good measure, it keeps building with some slinky key work, some super auto-tuned nonsense. It's all great. And then the video is pretty much just dudes going around town demanding people dance with them. Fuck yea.

Nothing says 4th of July like some of the most bitching German Deep House music! Am I right? There is a clear tipping point when it comes to most minimal house, if the term is taken too literally you end up with what feels like just an empty song that has no emotion in it. I imagine it it can also be comparable to great food; if the chef is going for a minimal feeling but there is literally not enough ingredients involved you run into a problem. This song hits a perfect equalibrium - it's got a groove, it's got some sweet vocals, and it has some soul. Not. To. Bad.

Just a bunch of rappers hanging out in what seems to be an abandoned back yard smoking blunts. My how the times have changed, 15 years ago you don't make this music video without sitting on a boat with some champaign and some mostly naked woman. Now, you grab probably a Nikon or Cannon digital camera that takes video and you go find a place where you can smoke weed without getting caught and you film it there.

I almost got through that entire paragraph without mentioning that the beat is Clams Casino beat. Last time today. I promise.

Fucking brutal song.  So, so, so pretty. For whatever reason this is a summer song for me. I think it is because of the video. Speaking of, a couple points here; A) My girlfriend will not buy a jean jacket for me that on the back is spray painted a scorpion and the words Lion Killer. For this I will never forgive her. B)Yes the first three minuets are kind of boring, but what a pay-off at the end of it though, right? It's just two people dancing in a room that is totally awesome. It's amazing.

One of the comments on the You Tube page is that someone said they would like to listen to M83 while paragliding.  I think that is a great one of thinking about this one.

'Cause he is the Pied Pipper of R'n'B, that's why.

I'm unclear why exactly Little Richard is asking the sun to hurry down in this one, but this song really is the bee's knees.

My favorite song in the last 12 months? It is at least in the top ten. It's been hanging around since I first it. The original of this song is nothing to sneeze at but then in Billy Preston's hands' he just blow this ship out of the world.

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