Friday, July 1, 2011

First, lets get to our random strategy of the day

Use 'unqualified' people
Perfect, because that is what I am in probably about 90% of the things I do during the day. I am wholly unqualified to write this blog but I do it anyways.

This one is from my friend Katie who is stuck at work on the Friday before 4th of July weekend waiting for some website thing to load. She is moving to San Francisco to go to clown school. No, not really, she is going  to go to law school. I met Katie at my last job where I simply wouldn't stop bugging her with annoying emails about god knows what which successfully kept her from the work she needed to do. She still makes fun of me for being a liberal and a music snob. I've tried to tell her that she is confusing music snob with a music enthusiast, but it might be a difference without a distinction.   Really though - she is going to be missed but she will be an amazing clown.

Very appropriate for this weekend and all. I've been a long time Animal Collective fan. Lots of people don't like Animal Collective for a variety of reasons - a lot of which I think has to do with the whole pitchfork/hipster/single-gear bike association thing. Which is a shame because over the course of the last eight to ten years they have put out some of the most interesting albums. Considering they started out as essentially a free jazz version of an Americana folk group and seeing where they are in this song, they have come a long way. Songs like "Fireworks" barely feel like songs - more like long colorful tapestries of sound.  And, for bonus points, this is a pretty awesome summer tune as well. It's about fireworks and good times, so what else do you really need?

This is Joel's doing. I'm kind of digging it. I wasn't sure at first and then I went and heard the original and I think I like this one better. Nothing like listening to American rapper's just re-enforce pretty much every American stereotype of Europeans.

Sometimes you just gotta put a dude in a trunk.

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