Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I don't know what this site is or what it will become. I know that I enjoy digging up tracks I've never heard before and I enjoy writing about them but that doesn't mean this thing isn't going to change. There is no plan. I hope that doesn't offend you. 

Personally, I feel like a lot of times when it comes to creative endeavors like this, over-planning is not something you should strive for. Free jazz is an entire genre of music built on the idea that plans are over rated. I'm taking it to heart.

I have something to confess, prior to 2011 I was a slave to Pitchfork, the music website/soon to be media conglomerate. I was first introduced to the site back in 2001, my freshman year in college. From that day forward Pitchfork served as the starting point for all things music in my life. It was the end all, be all of music criticism and I was an defender of the site for many years. 

I read it religiously for almost 10 years, but late in 2010 I decided that I needed something different. The content that Pitchfork was putting out hadn't really changed for what felt like four or five years. I could guess which bands were going to be the next best thing based on how much press they would receive prior to their album coming out. Also, if I am really being honest, the reviews kind of suck and I barely ever read them. It is not because they were long, but half the time didn't know what they were talking about.

It is the tyranny of length; they have so many words they need to fill, and they can't make it not sound like a traditional music review, so reviews end up being 800 words long and are as enjoyable to read as a medical text book. All this is a way of saying that I had changed and my website had not.

My new years resolution for this year was to not read Pitchfork anymore and search out other music websites. I couldn't be happier with the way it has gone so far.  

Someday I will learn what dub-step is and what it is not. I swear, this label is practically garbage now. Not every electronic track that comes out of England is, or has to be, labeled as dub-step. Or maybe it does? Damn it, someone tell me how this works.

This track is a radio rip, which is awesome, and just shows that the internet is turning into one large mix-tape we all take part in. Remember ripping songs from the radio onto cassettes so you could listen to your favorite song later? Yea, well, that's what people are doing now with the internet. 

Anyways, this song supposedly is credited to Unknown. That is a lie. I have it on good authority this is a new track from Joy Orbison. I'm digging it. I don't know what to say, this song is another beautifully produced track from this guy and I'm jealous that I can't go to a club here in Columbus and hear this track. If I am wrong about that, please, someone let me know where that is happening.

This track is getting thrown on to some summer jam mix tapes for sure. This is prime sitting on the porch late at night and gazing out at the night.

Is it just me or does this beat sort of remind you of an early 00's hip-hop/r'n'b beat. I'm really digging the production here. And those horns! God damn those horns! They fly in an out or the song like they are flock or birds. There one second and gone the next, but always in the right spot. Damn. 

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