Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy crap how did I not mention this one already

First order of business, our seemingly random strategy of the day.
Think of the radio
I'm thinking of the radio and I'm sort of drawing a blank here. This probably meant more to them back in the 70's. Somethings don't age all that well

This tune is in the Summer Jam Hall of Fame.

Oh my god 2002 is sooo long ago. God damn this track is awesome. Breaking about 3,000 copy right laws this track in '02 really was a precursor of things to come. (Looking at you Girl Talk.)  This track also has everything you could wish from a summer jam. An awesome beat, some flute, some Ohhhhh's and Ahhhhhh's, some bitching strings, and an infectious chorus. Good stuff.

Where oh where are you know the Avalanches? The world needs you now more than ever.

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