Monday, July 11, 2011

It was 94 out today at one point with a heat index of 101 and then the sky opened up and just unleashed hell upon north Columbus. It was very strange and a little scary.  I also met with an FBI agent today. I can't tell you what it's about, it's top secret.

I'm not going to be satisfied until we have every last Wu Lyf track up on this blog.  I know we have already gone over them a couple times but every time I listen to the album I find a new song that I love. I love them all. There seems to be a sense of urgency in their songs that I feel like a lot of rock bands have sort of been missing. So much shit is being pushed out these days simple because artists can push it out. We want to give everyone a chance so we try and listen to as much as we can but that just means that the shit that is really good we get less time with it because we have to listen to all this other garbage. Either way, I feel like this album for me is one of the more interesting albums I've picked up in the last couple of years. (For those keeping track, the last one I was this obsessed with was probably the newest Swans album. Which reminds me, we need some more tracks from that on here.)

These guys take the Real Estate/Ducktails lo-fi, not giving a crap aesthetic, and puts some balls on it. Highly recommended.

 John Talabot - Leave Me (friendly pattern version) by John Talabot

Some of you guys are probably going to hate this. Fair warning, if you don't like House music just skip right over this one. The first 1:30 might sound really repetitive but that is only because you aren't listening to it loud enough. Turn it up and you will hear all the little things going on in the background that end up building on one another and become the huge hook in the middle of the track.  Pretty great stuff.

Bitching House music via Spain, I don't know a better summer music combo.

It's a big day here at Denim/On/Denim we got are own twitter account now. (HARRAR!!!!!HAARARARR!!!) I know, it's a pretty big deal. It's just another step toward our eventual media dominance. Come follow us on twitter and get updates through out the day. It will be fun. I promise.

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