Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Moe sounds like how I felt today

First order of business, our random strategy of the day.

Disciplined self-indulgence
I think I did that this weekend. A lot.

The day after 4th of July is never fun. It's like leaving a huge party, trying to find your car, and realizing it has been towed. It is always sort of a bummer. I'm sure all the drinking we did over the weekend didn't help much. That is why finding Big Moe this morning at work was the crowning achievement of my day.

You probably won't be surprised to learn that Big Moe "invented" "rapsinging". Yes, that is just rap and singing put together. I'm sure he could tell us what the difference between "rapsinging" and just regular signing is but I don't really care. This is the song I heard today that made me look him up and it is a crying shame this song is only 1:18 long. (If you know where I can find a longer version please let me know.)

I think he really only does the chorus on this track, he might have a couple of verses near the end but it is still a great song. Jammin' for the South.

This beat just sounds like a track from like the early 90's in LA just slowed down. Also, you won't be surprised to know that Big Moe likes to rap about Codeine which he put in his drank. Oddly, his addiction to Codeine is most likely what led to him having a heart ache at the age of 33 and killing him. I remember around 2003-ish reading about how the rap scene in Houston was blowing up and it seems that Big Moe was probably part of all that. I'm sort of ignorant about the whole Houston scene but I'm going to start looking into it further.

Remember Kids, Big Moe says Leave Drank Alone.

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