Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drake should listen to more Lil Wayne

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF' sorry dudes, I totally didn't post anything yesterday. Do you have any idea how hot it is here right now? It is so hot I saw trees melting. Literally melting, like they had only ever been a painting and now the heat was causing the paint to trip. It was that mother f'ing hot.

It's a jungle out there in central Ohio right now, be careful folks.

You're right Lil Wayne, it has been a long time. If you don't love it when Lil Wayne clearly lights a blunt while in the booth before a song you have no soul. Probably one of the best sounds in modern hip-hop; Lil' Wayne lighting a blunt, in a studio booth.

Can we all agree that Drake's version was unbearable. Listen, his first album was pretty good, the club bangers were pretty great, and that jam with The Dream was legendary, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, the rest I could have lived without. Sorry, the image of an overpaid rapper complaining about his life just doesn't go very far with me. I know, he is probably trying to be all post-modern, or some nonsense, but you are a rapper, you just can't wear that hat without coming off as a brat.

Drake's version of Marvin's Room were the worst parts of that album put into one track. Here is a suggestion my man, maybe think about laying off the drank and/or the weed. How about we start there? Just give it a shot and see how you feel. I'm not saying it is going to solve all of your problems, but hopefully it won't lead to you making any more obnoxious songs lamenting your problems.

And that brings us to Lil Wayne and his version of "Marvin's Room". I'm sort of ashamed how much I like this song. Here is the difference: Drake wants you to feel bad for him about how bad he feels about having empty hook-ups with women. While, Lil Wayne wants you to know how much he loves A) women and B) hook-ups with women. Lil Wayne owns it while Drake either doesn't want that associated with him or is ashamed it is. You always wear it better when you own it.

The Irrepressibles, "In This Shirt (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)" by The FADER

I don't know who The Irrepressibles are or what this song originally sounded like but I'm digging this version. Is this 80's or 90's techno, I can't remember. I want Hercules and Love Affair to remix one song everyday during the summer. I promise it would help us beat this heat.

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