Friday, July 15, 2011

5 tracks for the weekend

Man, I really should not have taken that nap. Now I'm tired, hungry, and I'm running late. That was a dumb move. Let's get to these 5 bitching tracks we got for your summer weekend.

Actress, "Parallel World" MP3 by The FADER

Fuck and yes, new actress tunes. Fantastic. His album from last year was one of my favorite and this one is a doozy. Clocking at almost ten minuets it is quit the affair. Apparently he just finished his album and if it is anything like this tune I can't wait.

Also, you should all be following his twitter feed. Yesterday he dumped links to a bunch of new tunes so keep an eye out for some more to come hopefully.

And that brings us to the GBV portion of this blog post. I found out today that one of the guys I work with is a probably a bigger GBV fan than I am which started me down the awesome road of listening to some old Guided By Voices tunes.  Goddddddd damn are they good. If you don't like GBV there is something wrong with you, you probably had a horrible child hood or something and you just repress any feels of joy. That's rough.

Oh my god, we need more Guided By Voices tracks on this blog. And more dub. More GBV and more dub.

It isn't the weekend without a little cutting edge dance music from England. FalthyDL is one of those names I constantly see getting thrown around, so based on that scientific analysis it seems like he is kind of King Shit right now. This is the first tune of his that I am aware that I have heard and it is pretty great. Lots of stuff going on here; some super complex percussion parts, weird vocals samples, some stop and go rhythms, pretty nice stuff over all. Stuff is getting insane, you are right.

I can't believe I'm the only one here with fantasies of going to England and spending 48 hours awake going to clubs in London and listening to this stuff on massive stereo systems?

Hey, its been like two weeks since I've posted by something by Clams Casino, give it a break. This is just a great rap track so take it easy.

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