Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holy crap. Can someone please explain to me what is going on here?

This is insane. This makes any David Lynch movie look logical. This is absurd. Absurdly awesome though.

We gotta cover a couple of things here and I think we will go with the most obviously one first; this video is fucking sweet. Yea, I'm a sucker for awesome costumes but don't tell me you don't want to wear that big black metal one. That would be dope. Also, according to this interview there is suppose to be some sort of mythology associated with either the band, video, or song.  I can't really tell.

This video is fantastic and it is a shame more artists don't take advantage of the internet in relation to this medium.  There is no MTV anymore or VH1. You don't have to worry about censors or if the video is going to sell something to someone. You can make a video with a bunch of dancers wearing costumes that look like they belong in an acid trip and get away with it. This is the shit that is going to make me remember you song.

It doesn't hurt that this song is pretty great. I don't know NewVillager at all but that got me interested. This is what I have read about them so far; they sound like Animal Collective, the lead singer sounds like the singer from TV On the Radio, and someone characterized this as R'n'B. I can't really see how any of these are correct. First of all, find me one song of Animal Collective's that sounds like this and I will give you a dollar. Second, yea, I guess the guy sort of sounds like the dude from TV On The Radio but I would suggest that his vocal stylings are much more dynamic on this track. And, if this is what R'n'B is now I'm totally on board. This is a very intricate song that reveals its self through multiple layers that come into view throughout the song. Not bad at all.

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