Friday, July 22, 2011

5 tracks for the weekend

Well people. it looks like the heat dome is going to win. I know, I'm just as disappointed as you all are. I'm sorry it had to come to this. I will be living out the rest of my days on this oven of a planet listening to these jams. Enjoy.

Mount Kimbie - Flux by jonisaok

We had a track of these guys up yesterday but it was a remix. This is a track that didn't make the cut to their newest EP. Sounds a bit like if the The Books were into electronic dance music. Overall though, I find this to be a pretty solid  effort. Mount Kimbie are perfectionists with their sound; works are constructed in ways that resemble a mosaic more than anything else. Things, and I call them things because sounds feels like too large of a word to describe what is unfolding, build on top of each other until a very analog-y melody piece comes in about half way and takes over. These guys are more builders than they are musicians, in best way possibly.

Witch Hunt is the first song off of Zomby's newest LP, "Dedication". I have always had an affinity for any song, and mostly they were rap songs, that added the sounds of guns being loaded and shot off to the rhythm. That trick will always remind me of listening to Bone Thugs in fourth grad and hearing it for the first time. Back then it meant something much more dangerous than it does now. When Zomby uses it, is it a call back to the days of gangster rap in the mid 90's or a shallow hipster, ironic reference?

The only problem with this song is that it clocks in at a lowly 1:45. Seeing how this might be the best song on the album, every time it ends I want more.

Is it just more or does every Tribe song remind you of summer. All I can think about is Do The Right Thing and it being brutelly hot in NYC and everyone is wearing something that has neon on it. Is that wrong?

Also, this has to be one of the best rap lines I've heard in a long time.

If my mom don't approve, then I'll just elope
Let me sink the little man from inside the boat
Let me hit it from the back, girl I won't catch a hernia
Bust off on your couch, now you got Seaman's furniture
Seaman's furniture, brilliant.

Oh, Aphex Twin, when are you going to come out with something new that matters again? I think the world needs it. I think I need it.

This remix is getting the reissue treatment in the very near future. I had never heard it before today and it is pretty great. Would never had guessed that this was originally a Saint Etienne track because it sounds nothing like it. Which got me thinking, if Aphex Twin was to come out with an album this year and it was relevant again, what would it sound like? Would it sound like Aphex Twin trying to do Aphex Twin from 14 years ago or would it be Aphex Twin's take on electronic music now? I would hope it is the latter because it sounds like he was better at doing what people are doing now 10 years ago and he didn't even know it.

This song is called "Summer Groove". It can't fail.

I know absolutely nothing about this guy except that he is a Russian living in England and making some bitching house music. The first quarter of the song may be a little cluttered, but he rights the ship soon after. Bonus: the video is made up of random shots of America city life during the late 70s and early 80s. This is a great little summer jam, highly recommended.

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