Wednesday, June 8, 2011

See this person on this record cover? That is exactly what this song sounds like. I couldn't have picked a better fucking photo.

I know nothing about The Project Club who did the original, Lovefingers who did the remix, or Raymond Richards who plays pedal steel on the remix, but, god damn, they are on to something.

The first four minutes of this album is spacey xylophone just playing the same few cords, with some random bongos and tom drums thrown in for good measure. The whole time their is a single guitar picking away at a breezy, summery line that just seems to float there.

But then around minute four shit gets serious. The guitar line just disappears and is replaced by some amazing ghostly like pedal steel guitar that just floats and quakes above the drums. It is some beautiful stuff that alone would make any song fantastic but when paired with the fabulous production of this song it really works amazingly well.

The whole thing is like sitting on a beach watching a sunset. God damn, I need a drink.

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