Monday, June 13, 2011

Greetings from Lakeside, Ohio

You know what they have at Lakeside, shuffleboard! Greatest outdoor game ever? I think it's at least in the top five. One downside, this place is a dry town so it can only get better when I can do this and have a drink at the same time. Why can I not go to a bar and play this game? We, as a society, are totally dropping the ball on this.

Sadly, they are not bumping this Kyla remix here in Lakeside, Ohio. Don't know why, because they really should be. Also, there are a million remixes of this song out there and I've decided you can't really F this song up. I mean the vocals are just so amazing that you can really do anything you want to this song and it is still going to be awesome.

Some times there are just songs that you know you could jump on and it still wouldn't suck.


Also, another totally bitching Eddie C track, "We need we"

I want this guy to just soundtrack my life.


Lastly, I have a question. Is Dirk now America's favorite German of 2011 or all time?

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