Friday, June 10, 2011

5 jams for your weekend

Gawd damn its hot out there. And muggy too. But it's Friday, it's summer, so let's get you all some jams for the weekend.

Kind of an oldie but still a goodie.

Ummm just found this one this morning and this shit is the shit. Jamie XX has really been on fire as of late. Not only with the remix album he did with Gil-Scott Heron but he is just releasing a ton of awesome remixes and jams. The guy might want to slow down, he is going to burn out. I remember when Lil' Wayne released like 600 songs over the course of one year. You just start to dilute the quality of the product after awhile. We are not in Lil' Wayne territory with Jamie XX yet though and he is just hitting the ball like crazy. I like.

Holy shit this is awesome. I mean this is some mean ass disco here. Yes, in fact, I do want the real thing, thank you very much. And it's 12 mins long, I feel like I could listen to this song all day.

There is a flute part, there is a chimes party, there are dramatic strings, and some breathy singing. Fantastic.

I feel like this might be the summer of disco. I don't know, I don't want to call it yet.

Oh man, can't get enough of this track. I swear the beats in space podcast has changed my life. It is absurd how much great music one gets from that single podcast, I highly recommend it. Eddie C was on two weeks and played several of his own tracks and this one was the best. So fucking smooth and chill. Has the right about of build up in various parts, but it's just a great all around song.

Listen, the 80's were a wild time. It was socially acceptable to wear a red cod-piece. At least I hope so because this isn't the only Cameo video were the lead singer is rocking a giant red cod-piece.

Also LeVare Burton plays the funk police in the video. That alone makes it an instant classic.

Alright, now go out and enjoy the weekend.

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