Friday, June 24, 2011

5 jams for the weekend

It's ComFest weekend here in Columbus which means it is time for all you fucking hippies to come out and hang out in the park, cut me in the beer line, and then stand around listening to some not so great music. It's going to be CRAZYYZYZYZ!

 Every year we have the same debate: on Saturday or Friday night why oh why isn't there at least one tent playing electronic/dance music? How fucking awesome would that be? Everyone is pretty drunk, you are outside, you hear some bumping jams and it is going to be blast. No way that can not fail. Except in the eyes of the hippies that run that damn thing. I don't think they would be down with that.

Without further ado....

I'm surprised I have gone this long without posting something by The Weeknd. I feel like the hype train has already come and gone on these guys so I didn't want to bring the party down but for the last couple of months I have been totally obsessed with this album. I don't really feel like going into where this stuff came from but I wanted t to talk about the video specifically. First I read this was the official video and then I read that it wasn't but I don't really care, it is the video that needed to be made for this song. Hot woman laying around a hotel room after a long night or partying in varying degrees of nakedness, over dramatic acting, girls kissing, perfect. In reality this could be the video to any song of this album but I just found this so I'm digging it.

This is going to be sweet, his album comes out in a couple of weeks and if this track is anything like what else is on it I can't wait. Sorry about it being a clean version but I got tired of looking for one that wasn't. Either way you still get the point, dude likes smoking weed and he has a fuck friend but things then get weird. I'm really digging the beats though, very wavy and spaced-out. Nice. Which made me think about this....

Currency with Lil' Wayne pre-face tattoos circa 2006.

Don't be surprised if she asks 'where the cash at'

Which then made me think of this...

There is not a better Lil' Wayne track than this one. First, this beat is so hard I think if you gave me like five mins I could jump on this track and blow it up too, but then again I think Wayne does pretty alright on this.  "Kidnap a nigga/ make him feel like a kid again". Wow, this has really turned into a walk down memory lane. I guess lets keep this going.

We were grilling over the weekend and someone put this on the stereo and it was the shit. I'm sure every girl I know has at least one story exactly like this. I think we probably need to have post just for Erykah Badu sometime next week. I'm going to have to work on that.

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