Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Jams Vol. 2

It was cool when I work up, it got pretty warm by noon, it fucking poured from around 3-4:30 and now it is sunny again and blisteringly hot. Tonight it is going to be cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

How about we try some of these hits on for size? What do you say?

Wu Lyf for life

Straight from their description on the you-tube page:

the lucifer youth foundation don't mean shit, our papers aint legit. this the baby boys playing like men. were a mother fucking boy band, a brother loving girl band. funny/ not funny? touch me i'm sick
cut by oli sparki/ directed by no one
Yea, I don't think I could have put it any better.

I'm kind of dating myself here but when The Rapture released their first album I was totally obsessed with it.  They were right on the incoming wave of nu-disco-ish bands and I totally fell for it. And that album still totally kicks ass but before I heard this tune the other day I probably had not thought about The Rapture in a good five years.

Two things that I remember about The Rapture; awesome vocals and awesome percussion. Those things were always really good and this song seems to pick up right where those left off. Well done. Just pick up at 3:20 and you will get a nice touch of both........and then there is a fucking sax part! Fuck yea! I can't stress this enough, not enough brass parts in dance songs. Really gotta fix that.

Now, I really truly believe that this is a good song. It has some awesome beats, the vocals are totally bitching and there are some nice changes in the song. Meaning, I'm not including this video in some ironic way to be like "lets watch this funny video from the 80's and laugh at them. Boy were things wacky then."

With that said below is live blog of this video

00:05 - Off to a great start, a very large black man wearing a bright green sequin shirt pointing at a sign that reads "Danger Deep Water No Swimming" I'm expecting this to mean something.
00:20 - Alright, his face was on the sign and now we are in some sort of abandoned alley with a lot of smoke. Lots of weird dancing and I believe he just waved to someone off camera.
00:50 - Ok, it looks like we are on a dock or something. Lots of spinning around with some smoke. Also, I believe he is sporting a mullet. I can't be certain but I think he is.
1:10 - Oh my god he is, wait, he isn't. He's dancing.
1:40 - Is it wrong that I think this song was really about a sandwich?
2:00 - Ok, I'm starting to think something is wrong because he is seizuring again and now hollering at the top of his lungs? He maybe a man possessed.
2:15 - He is waving to people off camera again.
2:20 - WTF is going on here? Why did we leave the dock? And why did he change outfits into a black sequin shirt?
3:12 - This video has just turned into some weird video of a large black man with a mullet spinning around and mouthing made up lyrics that we can't hear to the song.

Holy shit is this song good. When those drums in bass kick in that's the kind of stuff that makes me want to run through a brick wall.

Also, I want to hang out with Grinderman for a weekend. Like it doesn't have to be on tour or anything I just want to go out a couple nights and see what it's like. Because based on this album and the last one it would be some sort of alcohol infused weekend of chasing woman and convincing them to fall in love with you but then either A.) Breaking their hearts and being forced to leave or B) Breaking the law and having to leave them because you are on the run from the law. Either option is fine with me.

"Cause that music doesn't have a groove/Doesn't have any balls"

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