Thursday, June 16, 2011

David Lynch Mix-tape?

It's sunny out now. It was raining cats and dogs earlier but it looks like we've bounced back. But because this is Ohio, it could very easily be snowing in the next 12 hours. I'll keep you posted.

The way this started was that yesterday I read on interwebs that David Lynch is opening Club Silencio in Paris, France. Yes, the same club in Mulholland Drive. Now, I for one, totally want to go to this. And why not, David Lynch is a crazy fucking dude. I mean you could say "I was at Club Silencio last night, David Lynch's new night club, and ____________. It was nuts." You could put almost anything in that blank and I would probably believe you.

Either way this got me thinking about the scene in Mulholland Drive where the two main female characters go and watch this single woman sing Roy Orbison's "Crying" in Spanish at Club Silencio. Well anyway here it is.

I feel like describing this as haunting doesn't do it justice. This makes all those dudes trying to make creepy beats in their bedrooms on their computers look like hacks. More emotion and feeling is forced out in this song than anything those people are going to make with a machine. That's a problem right? Anyways, here is the original.

Because I like nothing other than wasting time on the internet this got me looking up other music performed in other David Lynch movies. Seeing how David Lynch is a total crazy person this made for some interesting watching. First up, more Roy Orbision this time from Blue Velvet.

So, so creepy. You candy colored clown you. My favorite part is the guy dancing on the couch in the background.

In dreams I walk with you/In dreams I talk to you/In dreams you are mine all of the time

Alright, lets hit the fucking road!

Some pretty great guitar work and backing vocals on this. I like how this movie was suppose to be based in the late 80's and they are playing a song that still sounds like Roy Orbison. And then James gets to kiss Dana so take note kids, write more love songs and sing them to women if you want to kiss them.

Awesome song. Awesome dance. I heart you forever Audrey Horne.

Crazy fucking Leland Palmer. I could have just done an entire post on music from Twin Peaks. The soundtracks don't really do it justice because so much of the music was done in scene and were not really completed songs but so many of them were awesome.

And then there is the Girl in the Radiator song from Eraserhead....of course. Just skip to the 2:30 mark.

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