Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jessie Ware - 110%

Space Cat and the Kittens? Space Cat and the Kittens.

Don't event try it. It's too late. I already bought the URL for because it is my new all girl pop/punk I'm gonna start.

Anyways, lets focus on the issue at hand - why isn't this song on repeat here in America? Why do I have to sit through thousands of plays of Miley Cyrus or Gangnam Style or Taylor Swift and this isn't at the very least getting a couple of spins. I mean, Jesus, how many times can we listen to Nicki Minaj pretend to be an artist.

Listen, its been 2013 for several days now and I haven't had an old man rant yet so I was due.

Also, Julio Bashmore produced this. Well done sir, well done.

2013 - the year of Denim on Denim. I can feel it. Pick things coming for sure. Stay tuned.

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