Saturday, May 2, 2009

That finger on your temple is a lazer gun

The last three thoughts I've had have been about laser tag, a Charles Mingus album, and space. Specifically, what happenings when universes collide with each other in space. Imagine being a universe for a moment. You were born billions of years ago from a single event that was more powerful then anything the cosmos has ever witnesses. From that single violent explosion, you, and everything that has ever existed, or will ever exist, were born. You probably just started off as a single pile of star stuff flying aimlessly through the vastness of space. Slowly, over the course of millions of years you grew. You developed multiple universes that weaved gracefully around each other. Over time you nursed these bunches of stars into even more bunches of stars. Millions of years past you continues to grow exponentially. Some plants had surfaces that might be familiar to us, while other ones were just collections of space dust, rock, and ice. Each one though different from the other. You movement in space may seem random to an outsider viewer but to you it is a very precise dance, one that requires much effort but appears effortless. You swirl around the ever expanding vastness of space just costing through time and space without a care in the world. One day though, you see a light coming toward you. It wobbles back and forth across your field of visions. Some days it looks like it is coming straight on to you, while other days it spins around and continues a dance similar to yours. You know though, that the light reaching you from that star left its place of origin millions of light years ago, so you don't really sweat it at first. But then, as time goes by you start to worry. You notice that the star isn't moving out of your way and, in fact, the light is getting even brighter. And then, one day, it finally happens. Regardless of you not wanting it to happen, it happens. You, and this other universe, collide into each other creating an explosion similar to the one that birthed both of you, but not anywhere close in its size. Planets collide into each other releasing million and billions of pieces of star stuff into space. The explosions light up the night sky of other universes millions of miles away. And this is not just a one time event, your collisions lasts millions of years until you can't remember not being in a collision. And then on day it is over. You no longer are colliding with another universe. In fact, you, the other universe, and what is left of your respective universes are now one. Another piece of the cosmos floating off into space.

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