Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dam-Funk - 17 Days

I've got a lot of questions about the above photo, but I'm infatuated by it.  My favorite part is that Jen is completely disturbed by it.

Now I bring your attention to Dam-Funk, and my association, Prince.  I distinctly remember growing up in the 1990s and thinking Prince was a joke.  The symbol seemed more vain than eccentric, his dress and demeanor were a general turnoff to a rap-obsessed Catholic school kid.  How fucking wrong I was.      I now recognize that the dude was packing serious heat.  The only thing I resent is how tightly he controls his music.  It is next to impossible to find so much as a youtube clip of his music, which makes trying to find the deep cuts a major challenge.  You're rich as shit, Prince, let people hear your gospel.

Now, back to Dam-Funk.  I first heard 17 Days on a Dam-Funk Prince mix released sometime last year (that was almost immediately pulled off soundcloud because, you know, Prince is a dick).  17 Days was the leadoff track and it rocked my shit.  It's the B side of When Doves Cry which was put me on a mad hunt through the record stores of Columbus to find it.  My man Dam-Funk did the right thing and did a cover of it that sounds almost exactly like the original.  Thanks Dam-Funk

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