Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ohio, Illinois and The Truth.

First post. Long overdue, I suppose. So, just got back from Chicago. a) We beasted Chicago. Akron is a training ground for binge drinkers and we found the dragon, stared him down and embarrassed him in front of his girl. b) Chicago is real awesome. Found probably the best electronic record store I've ever seen called Gramaphone Records. Trax Records t shirts and a DJ spinning some sick disco. Dude playing records in there was legit. He played Loleata Halloway 'getting stronger' which is a personal favorite, and then a bunch of songs my Shazam wouldn't pick up. One did catch, a 7 minute 1982 disco track by Eloise Walker called 'don't turn your back on love' that is well ahead of it's time.

 So, I spent an hour in this record store, half drunk flipping through countless records where I recognized one of every ten names I saw. Got a couple bangers though. First, Nas 'Untitled' is super underrated. 'Queens get the money' is fucking phenomenal. It's a mixtape staple. 'Hero' and 'Breathe' are bitchin dance rap tracks.

Also, when in Rome, buy the Roman's bumps. Mr Fingers 'Can You Feel It' hits like a plastic sledge hammer filled with sand.

Also, I just have to give a big up to any vinyl record store that has a DOOM section. I need to get my ass back up to Chicago lickety split, no shit.

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