Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mister Lies - Cleam

No one ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole.

Been a while. I know. This is what happens when I have zero motivation and feel like all I ever do is work. My apologies.

Year-end list shenanigan time. I'm generally torn about year-end lists because I've come to see them as simply a lazy tool for critics to basically validate their existence. "Look, I made you this list of things that without me you would never have. Love me" I'm less interested in what order you put anything in (is the fifth best track of the year really twice as good as the tenth best, etc.) and more into discovering artists/tracks I didn't know existed before. And that's how we find ourselves here with Mister Lies and his track "Cleam". Pretty mellow, slow burn jam that seems good for cloudy Saturday afternoons when your getting ready to drink. It probably touches a lot of bases that some people mind find a little old at this point but there is something about the tone and mood of this track that I really like. It's falling about and building up all at the same time and it's kind of hypnotic.

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