Saturday, August 1, 2009

A blast from the past (some things are best kept in the past)

So, once in a time not a whole lot unlike we find ourselves in today, there was a blog. It was called Robots Weekly. Short lived, but influential in burgeoning blog arena at the time. Sadly, three of the four primary writers of Robot Weekly died in a horrible accident when their toboggan that they were all sharing went off a cliff on the French/Swiss border in the Alps. Their bodies were never recovered, and they we all presumed dead. In memory of their lives I have taken the time to dig up one of my favorite posts from Robots Weekly. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do, I think it perfectly captures all the fire, emotion, and energy that these great writers had before their lives were taken away from us too soon. Enjoy.


I've smoked three cigarettes now while trying to think of something to write.
I've got an idea.
My predictions for if a hippo was to fight an alligator

On land:Advantage Hippo
In the water: Advantage Hippo
Cage match: Advantage Hippo
In a bar: Advantage Hippo
In the air: Push

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