Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You are so cute when you are frustrated, dear

Some people have ant problems in their apartment. Some people have rodent trouble. Other people have other troubles in their apartments that they don't want anyone to know about. I have a bear problem. To be more specific, I have a Mr. Bear problem. Let me paint a picture for you; the other day I came home from a long days work at the milk factory and I open my door and what do I find, but Mr. Bear standing there in my kitchen wearing the most fashionable hat I have ever seen, twirling a cane on his hand and whistling a little diddy. I said, Mr. Bear what are you doing in my kitchen, and where did you get that fabulous hat? Why, Ben, Mr. Bear responded, if only you knew the world that I knew. I said, Mr. Bear, to be perfectly honest, I don't give a damn about your Bear world, just get out of my kitchen. I motioned toward the door and in one shake of lambs day Mr. Bear tipped his hat to me, walked out my door, and down the street.

After that I was pretty confident I had solved my Mr. Bear problem but the other day what did I find when I came home from work again? But Mr. Bear rolling around on the floor of my living room with his head stuck in my honey jar! I said, Mr. Bear, again? Mr. Bear you can take you, your fashionable hat, and my honey jar which is currently afixed to your head, and just go home. I motioned to the door, Mr. Bear got up off the floor, honey streaming down his back and pooling onto my brand new rug and attempted to find the door. After a little assistance from me Mr. Bear found the door, left, and walked down the street with my honey jar still around his head. OOOOhhhhhhh that Mr. Bear!

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