Thursday, October 4, 2012

Marcello Giordani - Lose Your Love (Original Mix)

Tell them when I'm gone that every day I tried.

Dirty, dirty, disco for your Thursday evening. Yea, it's only a sample, but it's a long one so enjoy. Disco House? House Disco? House? Disco?

For the enjoyment of the patron of these electronic pages may I now offer up some unsolicited internet advise - please stop it with the F'ing Sesame Street references. That horse died almost within an hour of Mitt Romney talking about Big Bird last night. Beat. To. Death. You're take on it at this point is not original and mostly redundant. Sometimes the internet is just the worst.

So, there you go. My old man rant for the day. Enjoy this nasty piece of disco delight and get off my fucking lawn you kids!

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