Monday, October 1, 2012

Prince - Crystal Ball

Updates have been way too infrequent. We have sworn a blood oath to turn this around and make this place more professional like. We are gonna sweep up the floors, put a new coat of paint on these old walls, and maybe knock that wall down in the kitchen so we actually have some god-damn counter space to make a god-damn proper meal sometime. The appearance may change but the crack music analysis will stay the same - turgid and erect. 

Enjoy this while you can because I'm expecting this to be ripped from the inter-webs any day now. The Purple one and his henchmen will surely find this and remove it from these hallowed halls. Which is a shame - something this frighteningly marvelous should be preserved. It should be given it's own wing of a building.  Poems should be written in honor of it. Strong women should name their first born'd after it and proud men, in the company of other proud men, should toast it. 

Prince is a perverse man. He wraps movements around other movements. He has total disregard for what the listener just heard and seems to delight in his attempts to throw your tender ears of the sent. It's a kaleidoscope of sounds, parts, lost pieces all tied together with chewing gum and duck tape. It's like he went to the dump, bought every last auto-part and fused them all together to make a spaceship. In the hands of a lesser man (read: every man) this would never work. 

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