Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt

Lets just have a good time

Some say human experience is one of longing, suffering, only to be interrupted with brief moments of joy and child like wonderment. Sometimes the negative attributes take the form of an all encompassing nature to were you can feel it in every molecule in you. It weighs largely on you shoulders and some other times it feels like you have a grotesquely obese person fixed squarely on your chest and you can't breath. And then other times the moments of amazement are just as consuming. A kiss, a taste, a scent, a sound, a feeling - a feeling that, in this author's opinion is most commonly associated with what the experts like to say, 'you got butterflies in your belly.' Which leads us to a list things that have tickled this author's senses recently, in no particular order:

Beer from Honduras
A hot dog I ate at a baseball game this weekend in the bleachers
A warm bed
And, this tune.

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