Thursday, September 13, 2012

Omar S - Miss U

Bloodstone - a stone used as an amulet to protect against the evil eye.

Well, well, well look-y here, another Omar-S track. Two in one week - blasphemy. Discogs is trying to tell me that this fine tune is from circa 2003. You can tell that this is from another place in time in the Omar-S discography. It doesn't have the normal traits of an Omar-S track but that's fine because it is still besting the day.

Omar-S, the truest of gentlemen.

I think what I like about this music is that if used properly it is a passive event. I enjoy how I can put on a long mix and sort of wonder in and out of it. It can be ubiquitous in some ways. You put a track or mix on and you come and go. You make some dinner. You read a book. You hear something you like and you focus on it. You think about how much you enjoy it because it reminds you of this one time you kissed this pretty girl and then you go back to reading your book. I don't have a need to hang on every note of every song. That sounds exhausting, in fact.

This idea will probably not sit well with high minded music critics in their ivory towers with their monocles and berets. I don't care for those people. They should be attacked by she-bears and ripped to shreds.

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