Thursday, September 6, 2012

Delroy Edwards-4 Club Use Only


Rookie of the year? L.I.E.S aka Long Island Electrical System aka Johnnie Hot Cakes aka Bronco Dollars aka Jules Nixon aka Jimmie Stick'm-Ups. You really don't want to call him Jimmie Stick'm-Ups though. He doesn't like that one.

Also, Delroy Edwards' first instrument was a garbage can and a 25-pound dumbbell. Edwards would bang on the trash can with a stick in one hand and then lift the dumbbell over his head and drop it on the ground so it made a sound like a sack of potatoes falling out of a window. The key was to make sure you were dropping the weight onto ground that hadn't received any water in a few days so it was still dry but not parched. That's how he first fell in love with the low-end.

Legend has it that Edwards still carries that dumbbell with him to this very day. He always gets to the club before anyone else, normally when he arrives it's just the waitstaff sweeping floors and taking down chairs off the tables. He brings his dumbbell with him and stands in the middle of the dance floor - just him and his dumbbell. He'll start playing some tunes and then begin dropping the weight on the floor and then run to the decks to fiddle with some knobs. His goal is always to make the bass coming out of the speakers match the feeling of standing next to that falling weight.

It's a craft and he has his tools.

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