Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It

Played hooky today from class. It would have been more fun if I had played hooky for a reason other than to catch up on work.

House music from Chicago circa 1985. Still don't understand how they were able to make this back then. I assumed computers were still the size of a small car that were capable to do all this. Clearly I'm wrong though. I dig it though. Keeping it simple is where all the tension comes from. You don't want to get all mucked up in it because before you know it you're in your own way and tripping over your own two feet. Stupid - keep it simple.

Listening to this and then listen to some Omar S. Someone is either from the future or from the past because they could be the same person.

Things I didn't do today - chase after the Audi with the Romney bumper sticker that almost ran me over downtown. In my head I was going to throw my drink at him and then when the driver got out I was going to lecture him about the errors of Romney's proposed economic policies. I was going to show him who was boss.

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