Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sakarachi & Straneus - Jamison (JT redrumed version)

Took a little break. You know, Memorial day and the like. You will be glad to hear that I met my goal of trying to eat my weight in pasta salad on Sunday. I would consider it a successful weekend.

As the esteemed reader will recall, we posted this Sakarchi & Straneus track a couple of months ago. Even though it was only a couple minutes long  it is still my most listened too song this year. And, as the august reader will undoubtedly notice, this version is somewhat different. That's because this is a remix from John Talabot, one of our favs already. Its like getting a milk shake made out of brownies and girl scout mint cookies. It's almost too much flavor for one song.

So, go out in the world knowing that John Talabot is out there taking awesome songs and make them more awesome. Rest easily knowing this and be grateful.

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