Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Evening of Contempoary Sitar Music

We here at Denim on Denim would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the course of the last week. We had a slight incident this week in the Research and Development arm of Denim on Denim which resulted in the violent illness of all of our employees. Due to a lack of official oversight the scientists working in the R&D department took it upon themselves to see what would have if they crossed Swine flue with pink eye. The less said about it all the better, but please know that we have instituted a vigorous new policy here at Denim on Denim. Without going into too much detail the new policy simply states that scientists are required to ask themselves one question; should we do this? Not, could we do this. That easy.

In light of these events please enjoy the jumbo post we have put together for your entertainment today. And, as always, thank you for your continued support of Denim on Denim.

Missed Connections

you kind of puked in your mouth... - w4m

she sounds delicious. i think what may have been between you was beer goggles.

I saw you last night at 5 Star. You were eating wings and yelling at the TV. There was a weird dude next to you with a big baseball hat.
I came up and asked you if you had a light. You wiped your hands on your jeans and told me to move. The weird dude next to you asked if I had a younger sister.
I tried to talk to you later that night, but the Cubs had lost, and you were about 13 Miller High Lifes deep, and you kind of puked a little in your mouth.

Was there something between us????

Missed Connections

We shared a dance - Sat 4/18 - m4w - 32 (Hilliard area bar)

All I know about you is that you are from out of town, can work it on the dance floor, and your friend has great taste in doughnuts. You disappeared before I could learn any more.

The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

The boy was sitting at his desk at home reading when he heard his phone ring in the other room. He got, walked over to the phone and picked the receiver up and put it against his ear. He didn't say anything at first and just listened to the electronic buzzing of nothing on the other end. Then he heard a female voice, softly at first, start to speak. "I saw you today on the bus again. You were wearing your red jacket and your brown shoes and you were near the back of the bus. I got on at the third street stop and sat behind you. I stared at the hair on the back of your head all the way home. I wanted to get up and ask you your name but I was too afraid. At one point you had your head down and were reading a book and I put out my hand and slowly touched your hair. I don't think you noticed. I had to call and tell you this." The voice stopped and the next sound the boy heard from the phone was the dial tone coming from the other end.


The young woman lied in bed, starring up at the ceiling in her bedroom. She could see the cracks in the paint spreading from every corner of the ceiling. Outside the wind blew and she could her the sound of stillness in the air. She climbed out of bed walked into her living room were she sat down and opened up her book on human anatomy. She flipped the pages, only stopping at the pictures that caught her attention. On the page that detailed the veins in the hands she stopped and traced her fingers over the path of the veins on the page. She looked down at her hands and could see the faint blue veins on her hands. With her other hand she traced the veins all over her hand and up and down her arms. She could feel the blood moving ever so slightly in them and she thought about the tiny cells in her veins carrying oxygen all over her body. She traced her veins up her arm and thought about the muscles attached to her bones and tissue attached to her joints that stretched like rubber bands when she straightened them out. When she got to the page about the muscles of the neck she tilted her head back and ran her fingers all over the front of her neck trying to feel the muscles and ligaments. She thought about how those same muscles and ligaments kept her head from falling over. She closed the book, lied on the floor, and though about how everyone she has every known had those same muscles. She thought about how everyone she will ever meet will have those same muscles. She thought about the blood pumping through her veins and without thinking she rolled over onto her side, closed her eyes, and saw stars, plants, and the vastness of the cosmos. She saw universes off in the far distance dancing around each other and every once and awhile occasionally colliding with each other only to continue their movements once again.

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