Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slow Motion Bossa Nova

Missed Connections

To the guy who pissed himself on the No. 2 - w4m - 19 (North Campus)

Thanks. I got your seat
No need to specify the stop you got off on, I'm sure you know who you are.

You looked really cute though, rushing off like that. I didn't know why you were rushing at first.... and.. it was the only available seat... I'm sure the other passengers must've known by the look of terror on my face when the warmth soaked through my pants that something was very wrong. But, I was thinking, seeing as I've already sat in your urine, we should hook up. I mean, you were REALLY attractive, even if one of your pant legs was noticeably darker than the other. Very cute twitch, by the way.
When we finally hook up, you can explain to my friends why exactly it was that I smelled like piss. I did try (in vain) to mask the scent of your musky urine with some cheap vanilla body spray from CVS, but being the pants pisser you are, I'm sure you know.. that never works.

You owe me a new walkman, by the way. And, a new cassette. Seeing as they were covered in urine, I discarded both, as I wasn't about to try salvage either of them. I hope you understand. The Sixths. Wasp's Nest. Find it for me, won't you?

Let me know if you want to hang out... maybe play some Upwords or something.

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